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How do you find time for at all um i always i try to answer this by saying um it's not so uh i don't think it's that terrifically uh amazing when i think about the women in this country who are working to and three jobs and have no support and no financial resources and have childcare that they cannot rely upon totally and they don't have babysitters that have been with their children you know since they were sevenmonthsold and they don't have the financial resources to choose what the work is that they want to do so how do i do it is not it doesn't it it's like doesn't matter where i want to know is how are these women in our country surviving how are they doing it yeah i think the question were all asking ourselves right yeah and there was in the hope that there is gonna come a point soon workers say well i know how they're doing it because they have you know universal pre k they have the kind of uh there's not these wage gaps there's not um they're getting the family leave that's necessary they are in schools that they feel really confident about um they're being taken care of as skilled professional workers which is what they are um and i so hopefully we won't there's gonna come a point in time my is my fervent hope that we won't have to ask that question because we will know because they will be supported and our country will be better for it so is there a plan for times up in the oscars are coming up like is their plan for something there i think there is a nazi i'm in an iron in the sattar that yup i'm working in a is everybody's off doing their own thing um add but i'm sure the times up his going i'm sure that they've organized something that will be meaningful yeah it's like how you grabbed the momentum and move it gerrard yes i wonder if after sex in the city did you consciously choose roles it really nothing like carrie i i guess i chose rolls that i thought i will i'd hoped i you know you just hope as an actor your you can find something you haven't done you can work with people that that you don't.

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