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But the boys were still kind of wondering around, even though they'd been told off before, and now they're like, well, we want to get that souvenir we were talking about. Right. Let's get inside here. Yeah, I wrote here when Jacques was replying to the blue tarp thing. So they get inside and now they see a copper panel. Okay. And there's some kind of like spinning object or racket. Racket, like tennis racket? Bracket. A bracket. This particular object, I think they thought, oh, we can take this one. This looks detachable. So Jose got a lever, and he pulled out this spinning gadget, and boom, they've got something that they can take home with them. Though, in another one of their retellings, they let us know that, oh, they forgot for years, decades that we even had that. Oh. What? What? Yeah. So wait, and they found this, they had already hauled off the avocado. It's still in situ, but it hasn't moved yet, but now it's on the truck bed, essentially. It's just letting these kids go in there and grab it. They were away for a little while. So it was unguarded. And then it's clearly not that secret. The kids got inside and they found this contraption. They pulled it out. And guess what? It's a flex capacitor. That's a great guess. That object still exists. Okay. And Jacques vallee has it. That's cool. What does it look like? Yeah, or at least they've gotten to touch it and examine it and do analyses of it. This is Jacques vallee's thing. He loves to research things that came from craft and I have to run this for you, Carrie. I know. Don't worry, I'm not going to read this book. I know this is audio. We'll post a picture. But let me show you my genuine first reaction. Okay. Okay. Let me show you what this object looks like. Jacques had a 3D printed like exact replica of this. That he was spinning around in his hand, but here's a photo of the exact object in the bark. You ready for this? Alien. Kidding each other in the eyes. Alien technology. Carrie's scrunching up her face. What is that? Okay. Okay. It's just like a motor part. Yeah, it's a machined piece of metal. Yeah. Looks like part of a very human design. Yeah, it kind of has like a, it almost looks like an oversized key, but that's giving it too much credit. It's not that interesting. Yeah, it's like something that you'd find attached to like a tractor. Yeah. It looks like a mechanical piece of something. Yeah, that would spin, but because it would be on a pole. And it's measurements are neatly in the metric system. Yeah, it's like maybe two feet across. Yeah, part of it's broken. Yeah, it's okay. It's 12 inches long and it's roughly triangular, but it's got lots of little like surfaces and shapes and, you know, it's like an interesting shape. Yeah, yeah, I mean, the most interesting thing about it is that it lacks a certain symmetry that you expect from an object like this. Yeah, it's like a cantilevered or something. So yeah, okay. It's hard to describe, but it's sort of like, there's a central cylinder that looks like it has maybe not a hole going all the way through it, but an indentation in it. And then coming off of one side is sort of like a triangular protrusion that ends in another short cylinder, and then on the other side is a longer triangular protrusion that has a couple other metal extrusions. So yeah, it looks like a machine part. Yes, it certainly does. So elsewhere in the book, they go during as hell. They go to all this trouble to have it chemically analyzed. You've got to have it chemically analyzed. That's what all these people do. And it's so funny. Even on the caption for the photo here, they call it the lumen bracket. And that what it's made of. Lumen sounds like it could be like some cool kind of like alien race or technology. Oh, I just assumed it was some kind of metal. You're right. Yeah, it's an alloy of aluminum that has so a lot of silicon in it. Okay. Cool. So yep, that's what it is. And that's that exist in our world. And are used in aeronautics. So at some point, these boys found this metal thing. They held onto it. Yeah, this proves that these people existed in time and space. There's no pictures of, but they described like another semicircular metal object that was also obtained from the site, and it's also aluminum. Okay. So, okay. Okay. Great. The U.S. Army's just like, thanks for picking up our trash. That thing was broken. Yeah. So apparently Paula had it for two years, and she gave it to Jacques valet, and now it's at a university. There we go. Oh, a universe. This one. After which one? This one belongs in a museum. We mentioned also that one of the men had died Remy passed away after Paula had interviewed him. So I guess then Jose had the bracket and he gave it to Paula, who gave it to shock valet, who gave it to a young university. Yeah, it's a good thing. This is such an important option. It also spent two years in a safe deposit box. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, it's a thing, but the whole time they're having this talk, Jacques is holding this kind of silver painted replica of the thing and just sort of spinning it around in his hands and examining it, putting it on the chair next to him..

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