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Hashtag logical and it. Can you free brittany next. The courts were like. This is the best we can do. All right right. Britney still has to do everything. her dad said. They're going to take a break. We're taking a week off. We can see that we need it so this sunday july fourth. Don't forget keith. And the girl day tag us in your pictures using keith. And the girl the at and the hashtag as well and here's what you can expect next week. We're taking up but we still will still be in the keith l. Chat room wednesday eight. pm eastern time for a regular chat party. Were posting new silent trailers video with matteo lane. Jesse joyce ben lerman dylan add. They're mad be. That's free on a youtube channel. You have vip. You'll get a new. What's my name episode from canada. You'll get a new daddy issues episode for myself also use code free trial one word and get two weeks of keith mcgraw. Vip if you don't have it check it out. Keep them girl dot com slash vip. All right. So thank you to our ip's thank you to our vip's and thank you to irene. It was very nice meeting. You thank you so much for your time catch irene. She's touring. where should they catch you. Yeah just follow me on social media at irene underscore too. That's t you or go to my website. Irene to dot com and has all the tour dates where i'll be Yeah and then otherwise. I'll probably be watching in the heights. I don't know if i recommend. I don't know if i recommend me watching it either. I'm very confused now. I'm not gonna take one. I'm going to do right now. But i will tell you this much. It's got a ban me. From the olympics. The king of staten island was at staten island. The king of san on. How dare you recommend this. Because i saw house. You're saying i recommend it so half of it. And i'm like why did we decide to see this at all. And didn't you even send it to us like this was i might send it to you. Know why would you show. Well why would you send it to me as it was. I got it from somebody and it was illegal. You'd have to go the movie to theaters. See it so the to me to see this. I don't want you to do anything. I want you out of my fucking life. What happened was i happen to have a movie and you can't leave the house. Would you like this free. It's people from snl jahmai dig. It didn't mean the ruin your day again a year and a half fucking later when it's on tv anyways. I'm sorry i put you out. I don't even know how you found it. Get a wall calendar rate. You have the movie. Everyone's talking about. We'll be right there face to see.

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