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With a three nights staff eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two was poro througout seven i was a health and over the weekend the bibles are still there god i'm very glad about that uh gideon bible how we 603 brings up a good point i mean dc is very hot and very humid are they gonna airconditioning as the pope tells us that air conditioning is not uh y'all one of the great liberal values will plus not only that but the haven't they shut down a couple of the backup buds generating plants uh the potomac because they were pegged coal fired so they shut them down now of course you know the aid people like barack obama al gore they they never think what why the have a backup anp because a couple of years ago couple of summers ago was 100 degrees and there were so much demand for electricity that them fail and guess what happened there were in the old days like three years ago they would've had the backup coalfired plant now now that their green they just had a blackout i thought it was very appropriate russ your next with our car go ahead russ john john kennedy's fantasy bar in barber's although the fun wrong yeah you don't like the you don't like a lot of places now for the kids are ross name big pools right for the kids in the slide all that kind of stuff right i mean ted ted kennedy's water yet take a ride on the ted kennedy the ted cruz doubt delmarva bellen fund mobile that's a good one goal i like that one how are ya just like the you know disney here is no the things go one is that the venture who i forget about the one where the the the thing plunges into the water loan this is a big to this assaf there's a few of them like that but yeah i mean we could have the the chappaquiddick plo flow what are soundproof rooms where they can notice or just soundproof rooms where you can bring in your masseuse if you're al gore you know because she's a one when al gore gets a masseuse in the room she'll be scrapped niyazov eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two 603 complementary hillary clinton moth trump's nece exactly uh to say and other 603 gunfree zones minds john that yeah i saw a here's one here this is.

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