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Brown's former workers has been sentenced for lying to a grand jury former top be being a Patel is the latest ex employee in the circuit court clerk's office to be sentenced for lying to a grand jury he's accused of giving false or confusing testimony about allegations of a scheme to sell jobs in that office and selling tickets to court Dorothy brown's fund raisers prosecutors in court filings say Patel's lies essentially halted the feds attempts to investigate officials at the top of the alleged scheme court brown has not been charged with anything and has denied doing anything wrong another of brown's aids was convicted of lying but he was sentenced to three years probation Patel's getting two years behind bars he's also lost her pension of just over seven thousand dollars a month Craig della more news radio one oh five point nine FM a teenager is dead and two others hospitalized after a police chase ended with a crash on Chicago's south side last night police say officers attempted to stop the stolen vehicle you're a hundred seconded went worth around seven thirty but the driver took off and eventually crashed into a nearby home boy behind the wheel was pronounced dead at the scene well the boy and girl who were riding in the car were injured authorities say the vehicle had been reported stolen on Tuesday the home involved in the accident suffered substantial damage a man is dead two others wounded after a shooting on the south side of Chicago police say they were sitting in a parked car it's seventy first in state yesterday afternoon two gunmen approached it opened fire thirty year old man died after being shot several times two other men twenty one and twenty five years of age are now in critical condition coming up business news from Bloomberg WBBM news time one twenty two it's weird I don't get shampoo the first half of the word a sham and the second part you definitely don't want to see in the shower that's why I made up a neat word option.

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