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Had a conversation with rory mcilroy the pga star yeah about last year he struggled because he had a rib injury authentic spine area type of of injury and he just couldn't perform to his optimum potential and he actually said to me there were some tournaments he didn't even feel like he belonged in he didn't think he'd earned the right to be there because he hadn't put in the work and i found that to be so interesting like your professional you're one of the greatest in the world why don't you feel worthy so i'd like to ask you what's the what was the mental toll of knowing i'm better than that guy i just can't do it right now man it's it's devastating it's you know going from where like we're are was as a rookie explosive fast quick had a mismatch every night i was averaging over twenty points a game things coming easy to me and to have those injuries to take all of that away and basically become less than average on me i can't say it any better than that i couldn't jump anymore couldn't run anymore couldn't explode a man it's just so devastating to the mental because i did walk into arenas more embarrassed than i had ever had walked into an arena of you know the first part of my career i was walking in hate up like this team is going to have problems tonight you know i'm gonna go for forty and then walk in you know seven years later and saying man am i gonna make it tonight you know i hope my knees hold up i hope i don't feel as much pain tonight and it just it just weighs on you embarrasses a hell of a word it was the emotion embarrassment it was embarrassing because you go from being a superstar to just being an household name to just being less than average because of injuries hypothetical if you don't get hurt what your career look like if i don't get hurt i have a couple nba championships no i would have won mvp for sure and i being hall of fame.

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