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A compaq windows x._p. Repeat wow yeah so. I can record the sixteen original tracks if i want you know drums guitar base etcetera but then i had to move them via a u._s._b. <hes> <hes> thumb drive or something over to my windows seven thing to my other h._p. Pavilion which i love because it's got the to the dual drives you know which is really cool for backing up. I can just do a a clone. The main hard drive to the to the backup hard drive but it also has four u._s._b. Ports <hes> or inputs that i like and knowing that i have to move windows ten. I was wondering if you had a recommendation about what what kind of laptop will would be still has like four u._s._b. Imports anymore. What you really want is not u._s._b. Although everything will have u._s._b. But thunderbolt is something you should look for because a thunderbolt is basically the modern equivalent of fire wire okay so so you can get under fire wire thunderbolt connect cables for like thirty or forty bucks apple sells for twenty nine dollars use as my fire wire mixer which has the sixteen sixteen points for the recording yes but it has a farm output would convert to thunderbolt on the new computer up and then and so you wanna absolutely now. I apple sells it for the mac. I presume if the mac does it that you can do it on a p._c. But remember apple was was kind of funny because thunderbolt and fire wire both our intel technologies off but apple really seems to be the early adopter so interestingly the thing with the u._s._b. Thing is the the my good devi nine thousand series pavilion which i've i've put a few of them together and repaired for people. It's it's been a trustee workers. I know it's kinda keeps computer but he has four usb outputs and i use those for <hes> extra monitors thunderball a better choice thunderbolt is of higher speed connection and multiple outputs so i can use maybe three or four monitors daisy chain. You can daisy chain it and <hes> u._s._b. For monitor's is okay but it's it's a little slow. Thunderbolt is plenty fast and supports display port technology over thunderbolt so thunderbolt is really the future and and i would say you buy today should have at least one thunderbolt port on it. I mean that's a few few monitors whether or not all the same monitor each each one can be individual as long as the monitor support <hes> sunnyville out as well as in right because you want to pass through new monitors. You'd have to get thunderball monitors yeah but <hes> yeah i think it's a great solution and <hes> you know it's it ultimately thunderball. It's going to replace a whole variety of connectors usb. The three point one over thunderbolt yep because type c connector <hes> thunderbolt which is a high speed forty gigabit per second pretty gigabyte per second data bus us really d._m._a. Data bus as fire wire was which means you could direct memory access. He's very fast. It also supports video it. Even supports is charging so this this is what's confusing about it because it all looks like type c connector and it's not always clear when you see type c connector on a computer is that u._s._b. Three one or is it full thunderball. Three is it do display. Does it do charging and then there's no requirement that says that has to do all of them. It often often selection so read up on the specs before you buy it. Ideally you'd get a machine with at least one thunderbolt report that does data video and charging yeah because right now that the mixture that museum and i'll i'll try to be concise. I appreciate all your help is the sixteen <hes> mixer works with x. p. <music> but the driver doesn't work with my windows seven and that's another problem. It's thunderbolt. Thunderball has to have a windows. Ten machine is not supported on x._p. Okay so my mixture that works. It works with x. p. computer. I'll be able to convert that theoretically that ex that far output to a thunderbolt with windows ten machines. I'm almost jumping x._p. Over visible you're entering the twenty first century my friend literally over some x._p. To <hes> windows ten yeah okay so you're gonna wanna do that anyway. Yeah yeah the important thing about at least apples thunderbird connector. It's not bidirectional. All it's basically a converter that takes outbound fire wire you plug it in. It's fire wire four hundred forty plug it in that goes goes into the computer and turns it into thunderbolt so it's a one way poor but i think that's probably how your machine expects it. I want to get the tracks onto back yeah onto onto a windows ten machine eventually and then you do all my work within the daw and whether i have thirty to forty two or just ten tracks and then then finally mixing mixing but i i i i like the fire mixture because of the <hes> the sixteen inputs absolutely. I have a fire wire mixer myself. There were very common. Motoo made him a bunch of companies but he's made them because it was a big fat pipe and <hes> and it was fast enough and it was in sync so you could use it for making music as opposed a u._s._b. Where you could only due to tracks right under tonner bold is really the future i think and i it's taking awhile but it we're now seeing it. Almost all new machines story short my old sixteen track far <hes> wire mixer is gonna still be good when i get <hes> goes centerfold linked to a windows ten computer well it should be you can at least get the hardware working working. I don't know if it requires an a._s._i._o. Driver on the p._c. and i bet it. Does i think yeah. I don't think that's a problem. I mean this was going to require some research before he spent some money. I i need to understand what i'm talking about. A disconnect between fire wire was supposed to be the future for multi-track. I know boom and and i you understand i say with some hesitance. Oh the future is under three because we've gone through this again and again and again but i honestly do think now adoption for thunderball three the variety of devices for thunderbolt three and mostly in my mind the capability of thunderball three means it is is it is a port that will have a future. I i really believe it. It's really nice in fact and thanks again for your time so you were talking about h._p. Maybe not so bad as as <music> h._p. Computer that might be fine now especially the laptops and the reason being that remember they split off the <hes> the enterprise h._p. Business isn't stuff split off from the division and i think the division took that as an opportunity to say you know we've we've kind of earned a not not such a great reputation they. They are the number one. They literally are the number one manufacturer p._c.'s but they were making a lot of inexpensive better than h._p. Three thousand nine hundred seventy days should all you yeah well. I know about that. That's a pretty good. That's a classic <hes>. No i think the current h._p. Especially lapse very very good. They're excellent but don't ignore or dell lenovo <hes>. I just bought a novel all in one that i'm the yoga a nine forty. That's very nice very impressive fairly inexpensive so there are a lot of good choices out. There and i'm surprised you don't use apple almost all the music makers. I know our apple people. You're you feel that i'm an android guy. I'm in collab. I have my own personal reasons for not being an apple guy that's completely legitimate but probably because i started out on a task cam port a studio and then my first computer that have built up built myself. The tower was windows..

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