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The american academy of neurology hey guys is gary day nerd chuck and i hope you check out the gary audio experience here on iheartradio i am hungry to produce the greatest podcast in the history of podcasts very serious know things i'm looking to covers nor ship motivation of the current state of media lots of been abusing keynote surround social digital you know twenty teams down in the triangle there's only one classic rock station musicians real news nick classic rock now at one hundred point seven fm word you man seth lugo as a little creepy though of a bridge and onramp is a little business as kind of like cantona kinda makes it bows tear by four other guy loves email ran no question about it this is rallies retirement coach brian rally of rally well solutions rally capital management questions on the show we would love to answer them for you and hopefully get you the answer that maybe you've not found anywhere else you've been looking you've been hoping to finance or to a specific question a particular question that you have then we can hopefully get that for you and we've got as a matter of fact we've got a caller that left us a question and we're going to answer it here on the show this week if you'd like to do the same thing calls nine one nine eight five two 1215 it's nine one nine eight five two one two one five you can check us out anytime online at rally well solutions dot com that is the number coming up we're gonna talk about claiming strategies and the importance of them for social security benefits because i don't know that allow people think about it i think most people just think i'm going to walk down to the social security office maybe not won't will say dr drive down to the social security office and set this up and everything's going to be hunkydory in everybody's gonna be happy and it's going to work just like i thought but if you have a strategy involved may it can work to your benefit more than you even new we got retire at made simple here on the show it is rallies retirement coach with brian rally my name is doug coward again the number nine one nine eight five two 1215 reach out if you would like.

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