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Jeans cable news time is eight ten Roger branded the Stiefel traffic center that's what a busy morning time leases for volume a lot more than yesterday I was a west bound to seventy three sixty seven to hold very still kinda heavy eastbound seventy there's a little sold out of sheer uses seventy nine but still jam was presentable and different works on three sixty four still pretty solid from east of younger men up through a river valley drive east on sixty four to the Chesterfield valley actually slows down before you get to the blue bridge stop it'll stuff all the way through to relate because of an accident plus at northerners forty at that point then it's slow Geddes delivered into about Big Bend westbound sixty four from gosh the the kings highway area out to a big band is backed up looks like he's about sixty four there's also jamming one more time things are we have to worry about so we should have an incident there north county seventy test unfair to Manchester part of operation forty four used a ball balls through to the Merrimack River bridge got delayed so going each way of forty four eastbound kings highway to grant westbound from fifty five Jefferson or five fifty five just slow but it is forty five in a Broadway after a forty four yard construction delays westbound seventy four west fourth Avenue gym station of every traffic about fifty five seventies cleared out forty one eleven finally bit slow from two or three of pockets across the poplar street bridge next update at eight twenty from the steeple traffic center it's going to be mostly sunny breezy and mild today afternoon highs getting up to about sixty to sixty four chilly tonight with the gusty breeze skies are mainly clear we drop.

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