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Absolutely one hundred percent. I'm crazy excited about this episode. You don't why because I am a big believer. That success leaves clues idle. Oh I love nothing more being in the midst of people who are doing the damn thing people who did the damn thing and people who are about to do the damn thing and this next person. The person read on here The she literally meets all three of those categories and I kind of cheating Brag a little bit because she's one of our clients in our master my relentless now what's real for me is that she was crazy. Amazing before she got to our world into the damping nation and I really thought long and hard about how was I going to do this and bring it to you but the interview I did with her inside of our do? The Nation Community on facebook is just too damn good. I could not not share it with the world and I said to myself. Everybody needs to know because it's one thing to get to a million dollars and then it's a whole nother bucket when you say you know what I think. I'm going to add a million. I'm not GonNa grow by twenty percents. I'M NOT GONNA grow at a couple thousand. I'm not going to grow by a couple hundred thousand. She looked at me and she gives us a couple of times. She looked at me. She said I'm going to add a million this year and now now with WHO I am. I see exactly how to do it so I'm going to import to take some notes. Grab a pen grab a paper is not when you're GONNA WANNA MISS. Because Nikki is going to tell you she's GonNa walk you through exactly how she did the damn thing how she's doing the damn thing and how she's looking further farther beyond than she ever thought possible after being in business for a couple of decades. So what do in a moment. We're going to go home and get this party started. I can't wait for you to me. I can't wait for this exciting. All right here. We go so this is data to Bros.

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