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Finley invited Harrelson, visit him in the fancy downtown Kansas City hotel where he lived, and I just couldn't wait to see him saying myself, going to pay ten thousand twelve thousand fifteen thousand. So I walk into a sweet and he's got this table laid out with Danish eggs, bacon, orange juice, milk, and all that stuff. And I noticed, you know, like. A tube. It looked like an empty paper towel tube. He goes, come on inside. He says, you had a pretty good road trip, but I'm gonna show you what you've been doing wrong. He goes over picks up this tube and he had a towel floor like home plate and my heart sank because I knew that it was going to be no raise, and I was right because he didn't even vote the subjects whatsoever. Two years later Finley gave him a chance to earn some extra dough at Yankee Stadium. He said, I need somebody to ride Charlie around the warning track today, Missouri governor Warren Hearns had donated a mule to the as Charles Finley named it after himself. Charlotte, oh, the meal was absolutely when magnificent animals and biggest mule of ever seen. He was gorgeous. Finley, saw an opportunity to market his team by taking his beautiful meal everywhere the as played and asking his players to ride it, the as didn't care to it for. I, but in New York, Finley, finally put his money, whereas ask was and he says, I'll tell you what I'm gonna give whoever does it twenty five bucks..

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