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Ap radio news i took why the final version of the gop tax bills out texas republican kevin brady tells reporters in washington it has been thirty one years in the making in took a lot of hard work about a lot of people to make this day happen i'm proud of the tax cuts and jobs brady says the overhaul includes tax cuts for everyone he also expects the house and senate to pass the bill next week to senate republican holdouts florida's marco rubio bob corker of tennessee both now say they will vote for the bill the flu is spreading twelve states are now reporting widespread cases of the flu including california and new york the deep south is getting hit hard mississippi in louisiana are reporting high levels of flu like symptoms the georgia department of public health says this year's flu season is likely to be a rough one around the country more than ninety percent of the influenza specimens tested nationwide are influenza a and the rates of hospitalization and deaths are typically higher in seasons when influenza a is the dominant strain it is not too late to get a flu shot i'm ed donahue nine more women have accused ninth circuit court of appeals judge alex kosinski of inappropriate sexual conduct or comments washington post reports at some of the accusations against kozinski go back for decades and include women who met him at events by disick users including university california irvine law professor and a retired us court of federal claims judge iowa state supreme court justice has temporarily ordered the des moines register the state's largest newspaper not to publish the contents of court records legally obtained by one of its reporters the iowa freedom of information council calls the action by justice davis wiggins extraordinary in very troubling the paper is calling on the entire state supreme court to lift that injunction as his ap radio news defense secretary jim mattis warns russian fighter pilots about recent close calls with us jets over syria i don't know this would go some pilots uh dangerously feeling the road a to russian fighters flew through an unofficial line separating russia and then american air forces in eastern syria coming very close to the.

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