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New iphone, you may run across something called the iphone upgrade program. And you're saying is that a good deal? Is it worth it? Or should. I just say no, I don't want to go down that road. Well that answer in just a few moments and the phone lines are open. I'm sure you have at least one or two or three questions that I can lend a hand to one triple eight eight to five fifty to fifty four is the way to join us. And when you're calling in. Well, there's Andrew babinski. He's our official. Call screener in the Kim Komando show, man cave. Hi there. Andrew kim. We have K in Salem, Oregon. She's I up, and I believe that she wants to get involved in the wonderful world of internet selling internet flipping is that well, and you are a flipper all the time constantly, I'll buy something on EBay. And so on Facebook by something on Facebook and sell it on EBay, so how much she is. Thank you make a month flipping. Oh. Four to five hundred dollars. Let's know, that's substantial. Yes, we got to put time into it. It's not something that I mean, it's a car payment. If it's a good amount of money. Is there anything in particular? I mean, I know that you're into baseball cards, postcards, say baseball cards. I won't be offended. Are they baseball cards? Any sport any matter? I have a ton of hockey if anybody wants to buy it. I can't move to sell saved my life. You know, one of the one of the new editions in our marketing department, Matthew. Yeah, he was for a while the mascot for the Phoenix coyotes. He's howler. Yes. That's awesome. And I said to him.

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