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Depend on this whole you know Being brought prescheduled people have to come to at least have to bring their sample here To do the experiment but this day because of the co especially were last year to the call with we are. we're getting much better at running remote experiments so that some only to be here but there is a key on site will help in store the experiment. But the people can't do a lot of experiment remotely and accelerated service monkey. Clovis like this is just one of its functions that would imagine. Yet reina aware because slack neck. is famous for you. Know he's a two mile long neck. linear accelerator building. The nine hundred sixty s is for high energy physics research. And the the the asks the i heart. Actually half y'all where only using the last one third of the slightly neck For this free electron laser the the middle section a still useful accelerator research now the front one-third the merge beginning weser which basically kilometer long is now in the process of Being converted to a high repetition rate extra Free electron laser. We call the neck ohearing by sauce to and the demand difference from arras. One you know the difference of has two years we are going to replace a where where already on our way to replace the room temperature copper neck with superconducting technology Superconducting our effort. Linak that's made don't appear on in karate and operate at a Janik temperature so we can fire up to a million electron per per per Per second so you. In terms of repetition rate. Oh how basically how quickly you cannot humidity or experimental data is a factor for another tongue southern improvement and undulated. That you mentioned those are magnets raid. Are there sort of innovations going on the as well to to further pump up the intensity right. Yes yeah yeah. So so the the the magnet technology used for harrison one to Still based on so-called this hybrid And your hybrid..

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