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It's nice to have a good Christmas AC when the weather is hot right and with the Chevrolet traverse the twenty nineteen that's what I'm driving but we even got a C. controls in the back so when my kids are too hot they can control the AC themselves do whatever they want plus there seven U. S. B. plugs which always helps when you got family in the car get your local so cal Chevy dealer telling Jesse laws on from kiss FM is always talking about the traverse and then take a peek at all of their award winning cars trucks and SUVs Chevrolet find new roads. I actually just. one of my friends. twenty five west yes according to the provider one of the big three to tell the rest of the living dot org so like can I get a it's not easy choosing between my three dollars taken part or cheddar bacon sauce deluded curly fries decisions in mare's bad. only Jack in the box stuff going to totally precipitous which may. from the extra temporal scanner for monitor weather center. clear and sunny today with temperatures in the seventies to low eighties someone has a high of seventy nine this report is sponsored by. I'm Mariam Harmon I have over seven hundred fifty million dollars recovered injured in an accident call me I get results eight hundred eight hundred sixty nine sixteen to. a new podcast from I heart radio there and a banjo. and I've spent the last thirty years tracking their. the two most important musicians of the twentieth century. our guest narrated by Dennis Quaid featuring new music produced by T. bone Burnett but the new song featuring original or Bob Bob. learn a banjo on the I heart radio. hello. Taylor this is John and this year we do more musical are you ready for it. you're listening to one of two point seven. number one hit music station. he is. fully. yes. so hopefully. so hopefully. you. Ryan Seacrest pay my bills your bills paid for an entire year. bills. it was pretty cool. you. hi just. news. twenty two point seven can the man Ellie's number one hit music station can not only does the Sam's at this year's kiss FM jingle ball and north. during the. traffic go by faster. number one hit music station. no no. kiss me one. I stopped by. you've got nobody. Kelly and they. twenty two point seven kiss FM LA's number one hit music station man you. Hey game one Dodgers versus the nationals at Dodger Stadium so please you know traffic and the rams are taking on the sea hawks around the same time it's given them. yeah. St Louis from room five Hey this is Rhianna and you're listening to one of two point seven kiss FM in I heart radio station..

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