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They're not getting enough. Yeah, all kinds of stuff. They shut it down. Shut it down. Give us our money back. That's it for this week in Florida and Becky ng it up like that. I like that. Thank you. See laying that we are back in just a moment. Stay right there. You're listening to the news Junkie Weekend edition. News, traffic and weather. Tampa Bay's news radio W F L A search crews at the Surfside collapse. I found more bodies overnight. There are now 86 confirmed dead and 43 people are potentially unaccounted for. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport has evacuated terminals two and three this morning for what they're calling a security investigation. Haiti's interim Prime minister Claude Joseph confirms that request for US assistance following the assassination of their president, press secretary. Jen Psaki. Strengthening Haiti's law enforcement capacity is a key U. S priority was before the assassination of a few days ago continues to be to Haitian Americans who live in South Florida have been arrested for the murder of President Juvenal Moyes. Flock Fest The LGBTQ friendly Beach bash fundraiser is back for its seventh year. The Swan Floats soiree goes until four at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park with Florida's news. I'm Kimba Taylor. The photos are long shopping center. Traffic is mostly swim around the Tampa area highways as we get further into the morning, Rachel King accent right now sat them long standing by reporting Symphony Center Boulevard that exits over the lunch shoulder at this point traffic anybody without too much issue, but it's still very slow. Poach as body gives up a lot much time heading south and 1 75. We're also looking some delays right now. What's.

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