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One of the one of the primary purposes of Demonstrations in protest. is to reveal the hypocrisy. Of People in power. And the protests yesterday in Louisville the demonstration. That was led by our friends at until freedom, and please follow them across social media at until freedom we love and believe in their team. They are co founded by our friends to Meka Mallory My son Angelo Pinto and Linda Sarsour. They're doing some of the best most important civil rights work in the country right now. And they love the family of Brianna, Taylor and are fighting. To hold the officers who killed Brianna responsible. And their demonstration yesterday, which had nearly a hundred people from all over. Louisville even some people who came from out of state. Was a peaceful organized nonviolent protest. And over one hundred people were arrested and sent to the local jail there in Louisville. And after a few hours. After three or four hours turned into five or six hours, eight or nine hours ten or eleven hours. It was clear that Louisville was up to something. And it appears to me that what they were up to. was they were trying to search to find? An Obscure Law. To allow themselves. To basically intimidate. Not just those protesters, but all peaceful protesters. To intimidate them? By charging them with a felony. Mind you. These were one hundred peaceful protesters who broke no law. And they were charged with felonies. All one hundred of them. Men Women and children alike. People who were literally? Peaceful nonviolent demonstrators. Were charged in the middle of the night. With felonies! For their peaceful protest. Now obviously, we can hope and believe that eventually all of these felonies will be dismissed. But it's outrageous. And revealed the hypocrisy of the which was the purpose of the protests. It's outrageous. That the person who they were demonstrating protesting. Attorney General Kentucky Attorney General. Daniel Camera! That Louisville found it quick and easy. To. Arrest and charge a hundred protesters. Who literally sat on a yard. Criss Cross applesauce peaceful and did nothing. In you found a felony to charge them with. But it has now been months. In you just can't figure out. Can't can't figure out how to charge how to arrest. The men who barged into the home of any sensual worker while she was in bed a sleep. Just can't can't figure it out. Just can't work it out. Just can't find that low just can't find that policy. Yet in a matter of hours. You found a way to charge to charge a hundred people. Who was sitting on a? You found a way to charge a hundred people with felonies, and as I record. This have still kept dozens of them. In Jail! Refusing to release them. It's instructive. It's insightful. What it teaches us. Is that. This system! It can charge whoever it wants. It can find a felony. For whoever it wants imagine. Charging a hundred people, not four police officers, not three police officers, not one police officer, but you. You found a policy a law that would allow you to charge a hundred people who sat on your front yard. To charge them with felonies. Nobody threatened your safety. Nobody was physical or violent with a single soul. You found a felony. But all of a sudden. When the whole world is demanding that you hold the officers. Who Murdered Up a beautiful kind soul in the middle of the night to charge her with the felony. That, you can't figure that out. Shows us. That this system was not designed to provide families who experienced police brutality. It was not designed. To provide them with justice. It was designed to oppress them. And that's a lesson that I have to teach you on the breakdown over and over and over again. What Peaceful Demonstration in Louisville has taught us. Is that this system. Was designed with certain people and certain preferences and certain privileges was designed with all of that in mind. And any time. You try to squeeze and can. TORT THIS SYSTEM To force it to hold violent, brutal police officers accountable. All of a sudden, the system is slow. All of a sudden, the system can't find. Laws can't find policies. Can't find the courage to issue a charge. This is the system that arrest and charges over ten million people a year. quickly. But all of a sudden. When you needed to efficiently. Charge a police officer. It gives real slow. We're doing an investigation. Where was the investigation into the peaceful protests? There was no investigation. They charged him with felonies in a matter of hours. People are still in jail right now. Overnight over a peaceful protest. And so. You know I am. Incredibly frustrated. But I want to have US take a few action steps today. Steel. Many of you have gone here before, but for today's action step. I needed to do something that you.

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