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A backup choosing cases does that work up outlook desktop sauber what could that plus so you went business school business school two pick she has no connection of my dad or anything like that but i knew g e was a good place to learn and train and i said hey i'm going to go there and stay five years rate and see what happens so i joined the plastics business when i join g e in that kind of just i was in the field sales and marketing and things like that and that was really how microbes started i always tell people like you like they say he put up with stress i saw you know my first job was like selling plastics in places like the choi and i would sit in the shown needs restaurant at breakfast having dry heaves you know getting ready to sell a price increase walking across the street so go god i hope it'll died today on those experiences great curse report all right well worked out and you went to a series of i did a classic g appliances a g plastics fee healthcare coming up on bloomberg best we're going to continue this conversation between former g e ceo jeff emerald and david rubinstein with a conversation about how to be a good reader in times of crisis this is bloomberg this is a bloomberg quick take the context in background on issues of interest our focuses on technologies new monopolies with bloomberg stay that mclaughlin situation or looking at the biggest technology company in the folk on amazon apple microsoft ended up all valuable company in the us among the most valuable in the world and the concern about their size of that in many individual markets in which they operate they have very large market shares background so in europe they've taken a much tougher stance against these companies the european commission is very worried about who will and how excuse sits result and in germany uh their concerns about facebook control over data the argument should regulators say a little more attention to the way they're operating and look deeper into whether their dominance may be hurting competition in certain market four more on technology monopolies four other quick go the bloombergviewcom sequels customers gucci and i quick i'm charlie pellett bloomberg radio.

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