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Walker Kessler, first foul was 1735 in the first half. Second foul with 1559 goes to the bench does come back, but he ends up only playing what represents four minutes in the first half. And only played 9 in the second half, 13 minutes in the game for walker Kessler zero 6 from the field, two points two rebounds two blocks. Miami went small and played him off the court. Jim Lara with a smile when the postgame said there's some advantages to playing small. Like they, you know, they had a game plan to take walker Kessler out of this thing. And obviously when he's not standing there rim protecting auburn is a totally different team, especially on the defensive end. And so it was a bad night for auburn, but also bad night for walker Kessler's NBA hopes. NBA draft stocks, if you will. Because if you can get played off the court by the hurricanes, what NBA team is not going to be able to do that to you. So auburn loses Miami moves on. They're going to play Iowa state. In the sweet 16, which beat Wisconsin 54 49 Wisconsin shot a season low 29.8% from the field and turned it over a season high 17 times. That's an awful combination. Hey, guys, we're in the round of 32 against a double digit seed. Let's go out and shoot it worse than we've shot at all year and turn it over more than we've turned it over all year. Not going to work. Wisconsin, again, 29.8% of the field 17 turnovers. Badgers were one of 22 from three. Johnny Davis was O of 7 from three, just four, 16 from the field. Wisconsin also and this might explain the turnovers to some degree playing without Chucky Hepburn for the entire second half, suffered a leg injury in the first half. It was just everything that could go wrong for Wisconsin with wrongful Wisconsin and congrats to TJ Alzheimer. How about this? Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And eliminates Wisconsin in Milwaukee to take Iowa state to the sweet 16 in year one. We've been through it. Inherited a two win program, is now a one point favorite actually one point favorite last night. It's flipped this morning to Miami minus two. So let's just put it this way. Inherited a two win program and is now in the sweet 16 after going 7 and 11 in the big 12. Well, we've talked about this before. We wait to do our coach of the year voting. The TJ altenberger cakes, Iowa state to the elite 8. After inheriting a two year program, is that coach of the year stuff? You could argue just getting to the NCA tournament after inheriting a two win program is go to the year stop. And then bouncing it into the elite 8 might be my reconsider some stuff. That Cooley has my vote. Cooling has my vote if Iowa state doesn't make the final four. I think I've had cooling no matter what happens here. He gets Providence into the sweet 16. They're going to play Kansas. Also burger is great, but it's the entire regular season. And Providence's record was a lot better than Iowa state. So I have to take all of that into consideration. If you do well in the tournament, I'll take that into consideration as well. Oh, by the way, Tommy load would still be ahead of asel burger for me. We will get to Arizona TCU in just a second here. I noted on Twitter, you want to talk about the fickle beast that is this tournament. Johnny Davis, Keegan Murray, Oscar, Kofi coburn. Four of the 5 to 6 best players most valuable players, player of the year types, first team all American types in the sport this season. And what do they all have in common? They're not going to play on next weekend. They're all do it in your Magic Johnson voice. What do they all have in common? I'm not going to be here. Hopefully that's close. I'm not going to be here. I think I might be lower than with. They want magic was doing. But yeah, I got no problem. You handle the peacock. I'll handle I'll handle Magic Johnson. It's a while though. And actually, we still have plenty of star power. Like we still got to get to Hayden. We still have guys that are still going to be moved along and we have amazing storylines in sweet 16 all over the place. But Iowa state, you know, it kind of makes sense that they got out of that pod, if you will, because that one looked like it was maybe right for some chaos and that wound up being true. Tyrese hunter is a real ball player. Real ball player. Iowa state fans enjoy him because that's not a four year dude at your school right now. He will be making money playing in the NBA. He'll be the latest and next high Reese to do so out of Iowa state university. And TJ Alzheimer has statistically pulled off, I saw some variation of this tweet from like three different accounts on Sunday. Like there's never been a team that's done this. That goes from two wins to the sweet 16. Has never happened. So incredible stuff for him and that program. Iowa state fans, you know, they were probably gripping a little bit down the stretch of the regular season, understandably, so 'cause it was just up and down up and down. Good start, and then you got in the big 12 play and it's a bear. What do you want? It has the bears into this a bear, but you had more than enough to get in. And I believe we were in agreement parish. We thought Iowa state was actually under seated for its resume, right? I don't know if I had an opinion on that, actually. People. I was there and I presume that you might be as well. So I'll go there with you. Hey, I absolutely think I would say it was under seated. Look at them now. They're in the sweet 16. Exactly. Look at them now. And they did a wonderful job. Now, their ability to just clog teams up is really something else. They're not aesthetically the most pleasing group in the bunch, not even close, but who cares if you're in Iowa state fan. You move along and you get to extend it. Iowa state is a perfect example where if like if I asked you I'd lost to LSU in the first round, there wouldn't have been it wouldn't have been no shame in that. You were the lower seat of team. First year under also burger, but it's a perfect example of like we get to the tournament and it's like, oh yeah, they made it but see ya, like we'll think about you when we got to start talking pre season hoops again kind of deal. Instead, it's exactly what you said before. They managed to get a couple of Wednesday get the wet over Wisconsin and Milwaukee and now you get three, four more days worth of exposure. You get a sweet 16 game. And it's a humongous thing for your program. It's also huge. These kind of things coaches will tell you, getting the tournament huge period. But for recruiting, once you get to the sweet 16 specifically, if you're like a power conference school and not one that's always there, you can get some real boost in momentum off of that stuff. So I would think that will be a good thing for Iowa state as well. Cyclones will move along to play in.

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