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But cute no i don't i didn't think i don't think he's cute at all i think he's not attractive i'm just trying to pay me character he's kind of cute because he's young but he has old ma'am is yes yes he does no you don't ronnie well i mean i'm forty two compared to these kids i'm like let me ask limit tell you story about simon baker the richer man you will is trying to be no he so he comes in in the race car suit and he's like and then he rips it off 'cause he's like what kind of asshole would be a race car driver like ari and then he tells me tells us coming in here wearing cope race car driver outfit and then taking it off was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life that's called privilege sir okay check it stance mike god and then so then the guys are you know in the back going i love this this set of guys are so mean to each other right off the bat they're all just like wooded idiot yeah oh so he shows up like like 'cause i was a race car drivers that's a good idea you're gonna show up like as the job that the other guy had the ex boyfriend has as they're doing that the new guy mike who's man bun to comes out with an ra cutout oh my god that was so good because you can see him trying to get that right at the kinko's you know it's like one of those big things as to have at blockbuster video you know yeah oh my god so funny a big cardboard cutout of him now i love that man bun moana moana margulis.

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