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With abused on McDevitt where the peak of hurricane season and it was says there's a forty five percent increase chance work to be above normal it means the season has the potential to be very dangerous Jerry bell is the lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at knows climate prediction center he says the reason is because the climate pattern known as el Nino has dissipated if only note did did stick around it was stronger we'd have activity near the lower end of the predicted range if it wasn't much of an impact we could have activity near the higher end of the projected range ranges of activity for the season no it says are ten to seventeen named storms of which five to nine are expected to become hurricanes and two to four of them can become major hurricanes jumping WQOW news radio it's too damn hot it's too hot you tell nella especially up in Alaska it has been a very different kind of summer in Alaska would July the hottest month on record averaging more than five degrees warmer than usual it was also the twelfth consecutive month with higher than normal readings many areas that are say at medium at higher elevations in the summer months they they experience freezing temperatures fairly regularly this year we experience nine anywhere in the state in the month of July not any long term station are reported to below freezing temperature research climatologist Brian brunch minor Tom forty CBS news the guards five fifteen years ago it was the concert that defined a generation but we do fifty years later that's not gonna happen but this is still one of his story weekend you can get.

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