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Last month flooding in Brazzaville behind washed out highways and destroyed levies. It's turned everyday errands into hours long, detours and rebuilding is a huge challenge reuse to floods were used to roadway flooding bridge being damaged, but we're not used to twenty seven bridges being damaged all one time. Trying to get back to normal in Nebraska is after noon on all things considered from NPR news. Listen this afternoon between four thirty pm and six thirty pm. We repeat an hour of all things considered tonight at midnight as well cake, you e public radio. My name is Michael state. Good morning in on a Wednesday. It's coming up on three thirty and coming up on morning edition checking in with the election going on in Indonesia where the incumbent president is pitted against a former military general accused of human rights abuses. Also story about fear of flying. No NPR news headlines from K Q E public radio eighty eight point five FM. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Barbara Kline. President Trump has vetoed. A Bill to end US military assistance for Saudi Arabia's Warren Yemen. Trump calls it an attempt to weaken constitutional authority. Bells will toll across France this evening to Mark the moment two days ago when a fire broke out at Notre Dame cathedral. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports president Emmanuel Macron is trying to rally as country around rebuilding. It. Is addressing the nation. Tuesday night Macron said France had always rebuilt it cities, churches and monuments and would rebuild Notre Dom with the same energy and determination. It has shown throughout history macaroni France can restore the cathedral in just five years while some say that may be too optimistic technology consultant on thirty Morell said, it's not impossible. Nichol netted them six actually very lucky because no Twitter is one of the most well documented monuments in the world. He says we have digitized three d images of every inch of the cathedral inside and out from the biggest thing last window to the smallest gargoyles. Eleanor Beardsley news Paris. The mayor of Yuma. Arizona has declared a local emergency over an influx of some thirteen hundred migrants. Douglas, Nicol says border patrol drop-offs are overwhelming the city's only migrants shelter and he's hoping to get federal funding to help. This is NPR. The Federal Aviation Administration says tests show Boeing's update to the flight control software on its Boeing seven thirty seven max aircraft is operationally suitable but NPR's Daniel Czeslaw reports pilots still have questions about the FAA's training proposal. The FAA initially certified Boeing's new plane without requiring pilots to learn about 'em. A new software feature. That's part of the plane's automated flight control system pilots of the two downed planes struggled to override the system when it malfunctioned three hundred forty six people died in the crashes now, the FAA says pilots will have to train on M S, and how to cope when it fails. Dennis tater spokesman for the union of American Airlines pilots says he was surprised to learn the FAA did not test 'em cast for failure. When it originally certified the plane learning of that news original tested that it wasn't done. Makes us wanna keep looking close. The FAA's report is open for comments until April thirtieth Daniela has though NPR news Washington. The Trump administration is due to announce a change in US policy toward Cuba today. Officials say it will allow lawsuits against foreign companies that do business in properties that were seized from Americans after Cuba's nineteen. Fifty nine revolution. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news in Washington. On the next fresh air.

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