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Oh yeah this is absolutely correct. Brush and you know if everybody listening right now. We'll go back in your mind tonight. Teen fifteen okay. And just imagine that you're a person in nineteen fifteen a very well educated and well informed person of nineteen fifteen. Now listen to the following sentence. All four of ethel's grandparents perished and were lost in a shipwreck long before her mother and father were born now and nineteen fifteen. That makes no sense right. It's just nonsense now at all of our intervening knowledge like the role in heredity of dna. The possibility of cloning and gene engineering and we can imagine a scenario sending a probe down and getting the dna from the bones and then by cloning and so on so you see what would be totally unintelligible in nineteen. Fisting is and two thousand and twenty one. even though it hasn't yet happened that at least we can imagine that it could right right or to say like i watched a movie on my phone in one thousand nine hundred. Yeah exactly like watched a movie on my phone this morning and like you were saying was telling people changes and i am confidently predicting that in the next decade or so even though technically the idea of an afterlife is unintelligible because it self-contradictory right to say that there is life after death means that there is life after the final irreversible sensation of life which is self contradictory. But what i'm saying. Is that in the next decade or so. This is gonna be just like the telephone right that what was in nineteen fifteen. It's absurd to say you watched a movie on your phone this morning but in two thousand and twenty one is a daily occurrence. Yes and let me ask you this because this is something that i think is really interesting that yeah we will move into an era where what we are willing to accept culturally will change but this is really kind of western centric right because when you look at the egyptians or the greeks or many indigenous cultures they have very robust and detailed models of the afterlife and the processes that happen and the various layers of the soul and awareness..

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