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Is seventy five degrees Eight eleven at KRLD Mike Rogers and Amanda era with you we're live. In the Mercedes Benz of plano new center the father of Molly Tibbets that university. Of Iowa student found dead last month says attempts to use her killing to promote an, anti immigration agenda. Are heartless despicable and shameful his words didn't opinion piece for the Des Moines Register rob Tibbets rights please don't leave us please leave us, out of, your debate that allow. Us to grieve in, privacy Molly Tibbets, father told CBS news she. Would want, people. To turn away from venal and petty impulses and work toward. Harmony to knowingly ferment discord among races is a disgrace to our flag. He wrote in the Des Moines Register Saturday it incites fear in innocent communities and lends legitimacy to the darkest most hate-filled corners of the American soul an undocumented Mexican immigrant has. Been charged with Molly Tibbets Murder before. Her body was found August twenty first rob Tibbets told us he and his daughter shared and unbreakable bond. She was the best man at my wedding she gave. An unbelievable toast Tommy IRAs our best friend how did that feel pretty nice guy, feel that way too in the register rob Tibbets said he has a step daughter and. Grandchildren who are Latino who Molly loved dearly that means, I'm Hispanic I, am African I am. Asian I am European Tibbets wrote my blood runs from every corner of the. Earth because I am American his. Op Ed was published the day after the same newspaper printed an opinion piece by Donald Trump junior the, president's son blamed Democrats and lax border policies for. Tibbets death a position echoed by the, president. They charged in a legal Elian in the murder of a college student Molly Tibbets last week Iowa residents. Including Mr. Tibbets received a robocall purporting to be from White nationalist group about Tibbets murder calling, for all Mexicans to. Be deported but in. His op Ed, Robert Tibbets urged. Americans to turn against racism in all its ugly manifestations both subtle and overt let's listen not shout. Let's build bridges not walls Robert Tibbets said seeing the nation, come together for John McCain's memorial inspired, him, to write that is CBS correspondent Adriana Diaz so kids on the. West coast they'll soon be getting. A little more shut eye California lawmakers just passed the Bill that states. Middle and high school, students should not have. To start before eight thirty in the morning The. Bill comes despite objections from both the California..

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