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Driven player of the game. Can I give it to more than one player? Because I'd like to go? Well, especially like to go. Trey Burke, Seth Curry, Boban Marjanovic. Those guys were sensational 1927 from the field 44 points. For those three guys. They were huge because Luca wasn't out there for more than 30 minutes, and those guys picked up slack, so we'll give it to the Dallas Mavericks. Bench driven players of the game. Brought to you by Goodyear Discover the possibilities. Goodyear Maur driven, so we now have to Siri's. They're tied at 11. Utah, came off the deck and handled Denver earlier today, Now Dallas with a win over the Clippers evening that best to seven at one game apiece, and now we'll see if those Number one seeds tomorrow can even their Siri's Milwaukee in Orlando. And of course, we'll have the Lakers and Blazers tomorrow night here on ESPN radio Trouble in L, A teams that's right, scratching their heads and So funny in playoffs when one team loses a game. It's the end of the world. It's Armageddon and that they can answer back. It's a Siri's. It is a long way to relax. Give Portland credit the other night. Let's give the Mavericks creditor bouncing back tonight. Adjustments will be made. Teams will play better, and we'll see what happens in Game three. You and I will tap out of the bubble. I'll see you later in the month. Sean Kelley and PJ Carlesimo will come in and take over and they'll have that Blazers Lakers game tomorrow. Plus the draft lottery coverage beginning at eight Eastern time tomorrow night. You're on ESPN Radio Final score from Disney Mavericks Take game too. And even the Siri's beat the Clippers won 27 21 14 for John Barry, Our producer, Beth favor our engineer, Bob White, Mark Kester. Sure, that'll do it for madam. Advent Health arena as we send it to peddle Keith in the studio with the postgame show, powered by five hour energy shots cast E Thanks a lot. So Dallas that 13 point victory. They got off to a good start. Luca Don Cheech was terrific early, the maverick scoring the first eight points of the game. They were often running, and they do indeed even this best of seven series against the Clippers. At a game apiece. Luca don shits leading the way with 28 points, although a quiet second half when he was in foul trouble, Kawai Leonard 35 points, picking up some of the slack left by poll. George, who had a very rough shooting night. Plus 10 seconds for station identification. This is the N B, a playoffs on ESPN Radio and the ESPN APP from State Street and the first Good West Bank studio. At least tell you M v p Chicago, ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for sports Once again,.

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