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I'm a big fan of learning by doing and that's gonNA mean trial and error, but I genuinely believe in most cases that is the best way to learn. But. Not Always case in point today when I was at the hospital and what they needed to do was find a vein and get along going. But of course, what happened as you'll see from this picture? They didn't have a lot of success. We had three filed teams. Now, the annoying part about that was that from the very first moment that the nurse put the Tony Carry on and tried to search for the vein, you start hearing noises like I think this is it may not not sure. So when you hear those kind of noises and those kind of woods in a medical setting is not really what you want to hear doesn't instill you with a lot of confidence. She knew that wasn't going to be an easy vein find. She could have asked for help but she didn't she tried and. She filed and even after she tried the second in the second attempt she put she connected the the IV line and ended up spraying sailing. Love. That's how bad the connection was. But still she persisted in the end she asked for help now head, she asked to help the first time round. We probably would have got this thing down without any pain. Without any issues as a result of the failed attempts we ended up having to aboard and we're going to have to reschedule and do it again another day. So I think it's important that you need to consider the consequences of failure. If you're going to adapt a a trial and error approach a learn by doing approach and if the consequences are worth. It then maybe bitter of asking I. Now, in the end to me the consequences, I've got to reschedule another day of my time not a massive consequence on the the clinic end on the hospital and it certainly for me it's a pretty big inconvenience and that old could have been avoided, and of course now, I'm going to have much less confidence going in. So I think from the service providers point of view you have to really think about the consequences, but also from the service receive a point of view. Maybe odd go to ask for help I too because I know the my hard to find happens every time. So maybe what I should have done is going and insisted on finding the best the best possible vein find to do the job or even potentially call the doctor to pull out the ultrasound to tap into the right bank. Even knows a thing but that's they tried to do today in the end. It still didn't work. That's how bad the day was. But the lesson is I think above all else learning by doing his great trial and error is great most of the Times but please consider the consequences to you and your customers because the inconvenience to your customers and your guests and the lack of confidence and trust that you will get if you file. Is maybe not worth you learning better by trial and error maybe just maybe it's better to ask I or any that is, for today I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow. Senior..

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