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That's what I'm saying. And so that's where I think part of the industry has to look at you need to frame the, you should not be afraid of framing issues properly and going against its critics and trying to show them that now the sport is that bad. Yes, they're bad apples of the sport as though that about it. The bad apples need to be removed from the game. We need to devout somewhere we can. But there's also I think when you walk through a backstretch of a racetrack, especially at the diners circuit, you see nothing but lovely care for these animals. And you wish that's kind of the image that would get out a little bit more of a really how these animals are really treated as pets and loved by the people and it's certainly not the image people take what they find some kind of isolated incidence of water. So again, it is a question of trying to educate people. And show people what the sport really is. Yeah. Yeah, you can head over to blood horse dot com to read all of bob's articles on the islanders on naira and their approach and their philosophy when it comes to the arena. And all of the different pieces he produces there for blood horse and all of his different stories does a fantastic job. You can follow him on Twitter at bob Y halt that's bob EH ALT. Bob listen, appreciate the visit this morning. Great stuff. And we'll catch up soon, my friend. Thank you very much, appreciate the chance to talk with you. All right. Bobby Holly here on the horse racing radio network. Yes, some great comments. And I have said that. You've heard me say it on this show many many times over the years that you better defend your player. And when people come after racing, there are so many positives. So many good things. There are bad things too. But there are so many positives that outweigh the negatives. Unfortunately, the negatives always seem to overwhelm the general public and that's all we hear about, but the sport itself would benefit from a PR firm that would get out there and promote the sport in a very positive light. And point out, not make things up a point out factually. All of the good things that take place in the sport of thoroughbred racing. The behind the scenes stories that you never hear about. It's what we try to do. Every other week here on the show with unsung heroes, and let you know about the folks that make our sport a success that never find themselves in the headlines. But the sport itself has so many positive, so many great things to promote and again a positive PR firm that could get the word out would certainly be welcome for thoroughbred racing. No doubt about it. All right, when I come back, I'm going to talk a little bit more about the other races taking place today, including the chalukya Churchill downs and get you ready for Ron nicoletti. He comes up right around 9 35 eastern he will walk through that pick 6 sequence, mandatory payout it, Gulfstream today. He's going to walk through all 6 races for you coming up in about ten minutes. This is.

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