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To that to secular to the new hall passes want to get to some other business here the one on one west in Agoura hills is close at Chesbrough road bridge they're just taking your right off and right back on or if you don't want to deal with that mess get off that well you're slow from before liberty canyon so get off the liberty can you go down to a girl road or before that a lost hills that's a great option and go down to agora road and then go to Canaan that'll that way you'll avoid everything then Westminster the four oh five north or shut down beach to golden west and your slow actually from a magnolia to get up to there and the the you know the way to get around that actually they're taking you off then is just follow the train there the train of cars that is in in the new all past the end of the year pursuit there are five north and south all main lanes are shut down north of the two ten and this is for the officer involved shooting investigation after the a police pursuit that started off in Lancaster the northbound five is closed at the two ten year slow from the right around Rockford street you can get off the rocks for hang a right go to San Fernando road and take that passed everything to get to to where you need to go then the the south down five the west bound to ten connector to southbound five is closed but here this the connector to the north down five is open and you can access that from the eighteen or the one eighteen southbound five at the fourteen is close the south fourteen to the south five is closed you're being diverted to the truck route or north down five you can go south down five us I should say get off at Chalgrove to the old road south fourteen get off the new hall Avenue and use your highway to get around things that supports coming up at twelve thirty five I'm least hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio above average temperatures today but look for cool down starting on Saturday for today we're gonna have low clouds and some fog in the morning then mostly cloudy highs in the mid to upper sixties at the beaches low to mid seventies.

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