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His debut At a started then. He scored a goal on the weekend against brian which was so just like just so direct and easy for him he picked up the ball and e was motoring food. Pastes bam bam great. Finish and what's good about. What should someone like tomorrow. Grades play for england owes young levels. You know went to less when he went to less than you think. So what happened what happened. Why can't why can't get into in that team with the capability. The ability to is god when look pace. he's got left for. He's got right for you. You fix yourself well. It can only be maybe who knows application or whatever because the the managers that he's had none of the money that he's had as given any kind of sustained run Sometimes you just need to leave. Maybe sometimes you just need to leave. Because watt seen in the first two games and people are already saying they will continue to say is. Yeah well the first two games you watch what happens to meals. It'll it'll fade out. You know what. I pray to god. i hope he can hold this consistency because again. That's a player who we've he's abilities with. These attributes is enough is enough for england player in the waiting. If he can do that. Still twenty five is still. He's from the birmingham's of production and he's from the if penny drops mayo if the pennies dropped with him problems danger danger danger for everyone is going straight into my and that he's been in mind could only he's been in my draft. I've been cashing out. Delightful patrick branford. England scored absolutely did. I forgot to say that well. Great thing for him because obviously would it be watching the euro and he'll be desperate to being involved. Now he's now. He's in a chance please. From israel's delighted for him v. Season where he broke out in school. Those because i know these guys working and easy for people to write your so delighted for those who maybe i could give him gonna give patrick. Bamford flowers man. We're giving our yeah. I'm going to give him some flowers for For for biden's time you know he. He was so close to be amongst that scored in imon calvet lewin Conduct was the guys who are jockeying for that place to cavite lou in an uproar. He'd be disappointed with the white went went for him but the same time you have to swallow you have to. You have to take that on board. Patrick bamford and finger wins. It gonna happen for me. Now you're there. Patrick is happened is brought you in. Obviously how'd you in his mind and now it's up to you from now until the twenty going towards twenty twenty two to continue with the form that you've shown so is then e you can stay in his mind because what we've seen gareth guys is if if you're if you're doing it for him and you play for welfare him e will pick you and he'll keep you regardless of what people say because we have to trust garris doesn't out we trust because he proved euros. I'm going to do our you one. And i'm going to prove you wrong. And then that's how you're gonna shut up. You know as i think is why with with people like with people like patrick bamford. It's a brilliant scored to be in surprenant to being so he's gonna get flowers quite please about going to end on that end on. Yes patrick patrick. Fly pat flowers patrick o. Respect pump guys. Listen i'm going to have to say goodbye. Farewell audio's until we meet again. Fellow great guys are speaking soon ibn to facts. Everybody finds the car facts. England the plane this week. So i'm going to be doing that. Saw forty england against they're gonna go but like we'll be back next week and we'll see what took bobby like i'm really starting to feel but i just feel a little bit better so i'll see you soon next week safe guys..

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