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Music from Moscow. Single called new stocks. To start things off. Lots of music to share as usual. And your shot at tickets to check out Anderson park with Earl sweatshirt and thunder. Cat at the forum. This goes down Saturday, June twenty nine. Stay tuned to its KCRW music. support comes from the california african american museum in exposition park presenting k._c._r._w. summer nights on friday june twenty eighth enjoy a late night of art music and culture groove with k._c._r._w. d._j.'s garth trinidad and aaron bird and visit cam's latest exhibitions including a retrospective exploring the work of artists an athlete ernie barnes gourmet food trucks a beer garden and more from seven until eleven pm roll up for another electrifying night at cam support comes from japan house l._a. presenting but carroo transforming spirits debut in july seventeenth but karaoke puts visitors into a supernatural world of japanese folk traditions using interactive digital technology spend an immersive fun day exploring japanese culture stay for multi-coursed dinner at in on relaxing the library or attend one of their events japan house brings a taste of japan to l._a. more at japan house l._a. dot com kissy are w sponsor include the bungalow santa monica presenting night market k._c._r._w. presents event for one night only mayer hawthorne we'll spend a d._j. set on thursday june twenty-seventh open at five p._m. food trucks music and cocktails five p._m. all summer long.

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