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To tell you that the first pumpkin spice special k cereal is now out in available in case you want to try it out but luckily pumpkin through early last year you know the first product to hit the shelves that was pumpkin spice related bobby could create this orders originals pumpkin spice caramel snow new to work on perfection you know maine is leave the weather special k was like were there's i see you we're gonna put out cereal for you do so people are calling for epilepsy warnings to screen before incredible to have you seen this good see that movie crushed at the box office at one hundred eighty million dollars the biggest yet to movie ever so some who have already gone to see at they're like whoa whoa there should be warnings involved because it's filled with all kinds of things that could trigger stuff like strobes and flashing lights so if you have epilepsy migraines or chronic illness go into the movie aware of that and then last night got talk about chubs the twenty nine pound cat that arrived at a california humane society eddie setup up straight anybody's listening i don't know if child's has since been you know reunited with his owner but just in case i just read that twenty nine pound cat and he was taken to the main site because he was found as you know wandering around ten year old himalayan mix if this is your cat hopefully you can go to the past you know humane society and find get your cat back no microchip no id tag chubs can't even fit and a kennel they have to just now outside with the staff because that's awesome that's been teachers pet at school teacher oh man that's like a huge cat he's like the under the giant look at look at him yeah that's not a cat that's one of those pillows oh the owner of chubs the cat i hope you find you get reunited or somebody takes in chips the bobby bones show song of the day so the song of the day it's from steve moakler he put out a new record on friday and here's song called born ready feel like country music i would encourage you to check out the new steve moakler record two.

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