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Takeaways of the dossier. Which is what we all know. Now is clear as day that Putin had a vested interest in Trump, and as has been confirmed. The Kremlin has been developing Trump for some years doesn't ask that the tap when they needed him. None of that has changed. The facts have not changed. What has been confirmed with Sarah? And I have always prepared everyone for is that do not rely on Robert Mueller. Do not rely on an on an FBI that has failed us repeatedly in recent years alone in its really weak attempt to try to fend off the Russian mafia, the Kremlin's infiltration of our democracy. Do not rely on them we've gone over their track record many times, we're gonna do it again today to point out important things to undo law the gas leading going on right now in mainstream media, we've always prepared everyone for this. What you need to now do when you're faced with these authoritarian tactics is to restate the obvious to read the facts again to remind yourself at the facts are still the facts, nothing has changed. An a really really good book too. To wrap your head around all of this. That's happening. That will help you. Stay grounded is a book by the historian. Tim Snyder called the road to unfrozen them. Russia Europe, America, get your hands on this book. It will make you feel less crazy by the atrocious gas, lighting and conformity and submission. That's going on right now with the mainstream media and on all these pundits, David Brooks, who's always reliably David Brooks. And every piece of his gets just trashed on Twitter. Yes, that's true. But David Brooks even came out and saying that John Brennan and Bitta work own apology to Trump for calling him a traitor. That's bullshit. That is bullshit. It's like we've seen again. And again that Trump believes the Kremlin over US intelligence we've seen again. And again, how Trump puts Kremlin interest before American interests. It's all everything you see believe your eyes. Believe your ears believe what you see do not allow these. People to gaslight you. That's why the show exists because we point out. The facts remain, the facts, nothing has changed. This has just been the cover up. We've been preparing you for for weeks now and just in terms of the case of bar, and then months prior that were preparing you for molar being not the savior that everyone thought he was for obvious reasons. The FBI's failing us for years now in its losing battle against the Russian mafia and Kremlin infiltration of our democracy. And if you want to get deeper insight into that and how that all works read again the road to freedom Russia Europe America by Tim Snyder. If you're not familiar with Tim Snyder, he is a renowned historian at Yale University. He's a very serious guy. His very serious job. At Yale University depends on him being a very serious guy. He has written this massive book called blood lands. You're at between, Hitler and Stalin. How those two mass murderers influenced each other another fascinating read, it's a bestseller. He stopped what he was doing. When trump. Elected and quickly wrote on tyranny, providing lessons of authoritarianism and how to resist it. It's deliberately publish to be a little pocket guides. You can carry it around in your pocket. And so you could be reminded on how Thawra -tarian is works, including the gas lighting, including the purging, including the cover-ups and the utter lack of transparency. There's a reason why Mitch McConnell doesn't want us to see the mole report. Okay. This is all part of those types of authoritative, that's what we're experiencing now in Tim, Steiner's book the road to freedom. He talks about how for instance, the rise of Kremlin aggression, the rise of Kremlin imperialism, and how it worked, and he gives as an example, how Russia invaded Ukraine originally in recent years alone through Yana kovic, how Yana kovic was installed, of course, as we all know what the help of Paul Manafort, and when Yanna kovic came in. He started ROY..

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