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Ticonderoga Club. And how's victory at Brandywine reaching Paris the ministry thought the Rebellion might be coming to an end at that point. It ceased all written communication with the Commissioners officials suggested a friendship Captain accused of delivering War supplies to the Americans and the government recovered several prize ships captured by the Americans which were in French ports and returned home to their British owners. If the rebellion was about to end France wanted to be able to maintain its relationship with Britain and it was perfectly ready to kick the Americans to the curb in order to protect themselves from British wrath Frances outlook on the prospects of the war changed when news of the surrender of burgoyne's army at Saratoga reached France in December and their behavior as a result also began to change the victory at Saratoga was proof that the Americans were a serious challenge to the British they could defeat them. Army of British regulars in the field and force the surrender of an entire Army something that not even European armies had done before news of General Washington's defeat at Germantown also helped convince the French government that it was time to put a ring on it with America Washington had lost at Brandywine and then lost Philadelphia to General Howe's Army for many countries a military defeat and the loss of one's Capital would force them to sue for peace. France was impressed that the Continentals were prepared to counter attacks so quickly by breaking at Germantown it made clear that there was no intent to give up even if this attack was not successful in late November Franklin received word that the Americans house yaphe at Saratoga. The letter was written before burgoyne's final surrender, but after it became clear that surrender was inevitable Franklin passed along this information to the court of Versailles home two days later King Louis personally signed a request that the commission resubmit a request for formal alliance with France Franklin took a couple of weeks to draft the proposed. Hey, submitting it to Versailles on December 8th Seventeen seventy seven, although he would not know it for months on the very same day December 8th the Continental Congress York approved an order for Silas Deane to return to America to give an account of his Affairs in Europe. This was another leap in the long-running feud between a Arthur Lee and Silas Deane in earlier episodes. I talked about Lee's annoyance that beaumarchais and Dean were benefiting from the covert Aid that the French government wanted Dead. Go to America, the two men had arranged sales contracts to send War supplies on credit to America in exchange for Promises of American Tobacco to be sold in Europe with Lee wanted in on those contracts and the valuable commissions that came along with them. He had for some time sent word back to important people in America that Dean Palmer's Shea were ripping off America by selling War supplies that the French government had secretly offered to provide free of charge Lee also complained that both Dean and Franklin had British spies working on their staffs and that they frequently refused to keep Dean up to speed about their discussions with officials at Versailles since Lee had two brothers serving in the Continental Congress Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee his accusations. Had a ready audience. Others that were receptive to Lee's accusations included John and Samuel Adams and.

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