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Early saturday jj after john january stransky heavily right here on the phone and get a poor eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six who was a bad as friday night watching do king carolina live in a eleven color really wanted a cool experiences i have had in quite some time because even though it's not a camera and door even though it's not a chapel hill you've got all those carolina and duke fans he got to the best programmes you've got the best rivalry and college basketball on on watch it of course that i mean it was as gets and keiron was better team throughout carolina picked apart two threezone carolina built the big lead to couldn't hit outside shot then all of a sudden a nine point lead turned into eight threepoint lean do get a couple of chances of a final thirty seconds that again gray said alan offensive foul grace that alan yuck can up at three carolina advance this three acc fateh game they've taken on the virginia cavaliers in the big east semifinals about providence abetted coolly this is not a very good providence roster then i vintage they're not tom notch he's gonna most squeezed every last dance italan out of that team the nao become a double digit halftime deficit peter number one seed in xavier they take gano the gold saying that in a new big east that gold standard new big ace the villanova wildcats kirby number one seed they have brunson they have bridges there are a team capable of cutting down and ads but many teams could say the same thing and my saturday is going to consist of watching game after game after game before hit the and see that way thrown it i got alabama kentucky i'll be initiating games 'cause i don't wanna see team i say josie davidson steal bid so be rooting for rhode island and barneys got west virginia kansas six o'clock are being in that providence villanova at six thirty a c c title game is at eight thirty and and we have the pac 12 title game ten o'clock uk right here on a fair now be back after the game and our bodies act brazil new york post law than studio we had to chaotic at our power rob is that legs out rally john leclair alyssa what south did which egging a fair amount of her serve.

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