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It kind of sounds like genital phaser or genital Fisher which is somehow more disturbing it wasn't a job he didn't pick up on the fanatics right away I guess so on the latest episode of our podcast she said so you guys know that gene our baby's name is officially changed its now Jean David Fisher it was Gina tell Fisher but we realized by accident that we named our son Janet all so you got to think about this stuff the Astros yeah I think about the name you know could be shortened how they fly how kids will make fun of the name you to think about all these totally it was supposed to be you know a tribute to her friend David tell so instead of it's held now it's just cool yeah and and gene is her father's middle name as well mortgage check out like today Cardi B. and Bernie Sanders did an epic Instagram live yesterday was a big shock to everybody can check it out Freddie anti dot com so we talked about you're supposed to dress when you go to court how you supposed to dress when you arm on your zoom meetings and then there's this warning in Maryland police are reminding residents to wear pants when checking their mailbox in a Facebook post police in Taneytown Maryland said please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox they also stated you know who you are this is your final warning you gotta figure at least one person wow how's that wearing that I mean it depends how people aren't even really wearing I forgot to wear my bra you know I'm so used to being at home like I almost left the house today without it walk around my house in basketball shorts sometimes you know kind of dans boxer briefs you don't I wonder if that's a little much for people and I go check my mail or whatever you know sort of slow if you are doing well that's nice of you but I eggs yellow polka noted M. chel yeah I don't know you know you people were a lot less clothing walking around the house and then you get maybe a third to see trial has today three weeks of doing that you know you're sort of used to having to put on pants I like I'll check the mail and what goods and realize you're you're naked I have to I think about this and then when I answered the door like for delivery or whatever went back we used to be able to do that back in the day I was delivered the delivery driver would approach your door when you see them you know you think like I I've looked at myself before I open the door just to make sure that I'm properly but retired I have to do the same that's probably getting.

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