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We have a staffer over there arrested in being prosecuted for lying about leaking. The Senate Intel committee has been covering this whole thing up and selectively leaking negative information about Trump now if the Senate Intel committee has this. This information about the Hillary Clinton team in the negative information about the uranium one case Joe why hasn't that Lee? No serious. I'm asking why do you think why do you think the negative information about Hillary hasn't leaked from the Senate? It's not a trick up from the Senate Intel committee, but the negative information about Trump has. We don't have the press on our side. Yes. Thank you or the Senate Intel committee, right? Full of Republican swamp rats to and rhinos who hate Donald Trump. Yes, you're right though. The press is a big part of it to the press doesn't want to run negative stories like that about they want to attack. Donald trump. And the rhinos in the Democrats have been an endless source of leaks through this staffer to damage Trump. That's why the lawyer in the daily caller piece for the informant on the Clinton case, the whistle blower is like, hey, wink, wink, not the Senate committee already has this stuff. Why raid? My client's house again. Because they want it in the FBI's custody because they're clearly looking to make this stuff. Go away. Don't be surprised for a second. If on December fifth if Huber shows up for this hearing, and some of this testimony makes it out there that you see meadows in them ask questions about this. What does that rate about? What would we looking for exactly?.

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