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So there is there is an interesting element to how not just like the logos and the colors and the jersey Jane, but the entire in not just the helmets or the the shoulder pads, change the clean, but even even they're basically underwear strange. And you know what I mean? So that asks the nostalgia, certainly, you know, also thought this from watching it. And I remember. And just to think about that. Full disclosure. I know you're hockey. I just this past summer depending soccer that I like soccer. I know it's just I'm liking Manchester United and it's like list with the manage star players. And I feel like that. Didn't make a big deal, but because you have the head coach who is refreshing. I mean intentionally and consciously telling you not to make a big deal about the quarterback. This is through for five thanksgiving. But I mean, you know this, I am. I alone I, that never had Well, I, I, I asked Parcells about that. I said, I mean where you just do fit or were you just trying to keep them grounded or he's basically, and his answer was was, was so simple. That's why I didn't make show is he's like, no, that's just the way I felt. He only played, you know, about five games at that point. It was less than that, you know, three or four games at that point. So you can't annointment guy after four games success. So and I think he's mostly right, but what I think is also true. I mean, this is just my opinion. You know, he's not saying is, I think he enjoyed Parcells enjoyed Romo a lot and enjoy his, not just his, you know success and and you know, having lead his teams, the quarterback, but I think he enjoyed romo's personality enjoyed being around, and and I. Romo with the same way. And he said that he loved playing for parcels, and I think Parcells really enjoyed coaching. So I think it was it was sort of in my mind again, just an opinion. I think it was partly a, excuse me. It was probably Parcells saying, look, let's not go overboard here. He's played four games, see my false cliff tomorrow, but I think part was he loves playing with the media and he loves her almost. So he could take a couple of little, you know, playful shots Romo and not feel like he was beating the kid up and we're going to ruin his career. It's, it's definitely I think about, you know, now Andy Reid was telling us, hey, you know, relax on this this homes because it's been cool. Everybody, you know, there's no need to freak out and you know, just it's interesting to consider about it doesn't expensive. I'm happy that there was such an emphasis on parcels he came across. I I mean, mean, I I saw. saw all these these films he came across really, really wise. I, I don't know if that was essentially, but really come across is old troll. And you know, people say, I all run by news the raiders game. I do some special, but I really pleased par new. He's the only one who I really truly trust in that regard. Well, parsoes I say that's the first time I think I've interviewed him ever and I and I, I've never really been around him that much even so I was really excited to go to that interview and I can tell you this parsoes wny's no producing or manufacturing, or you know, all that's real. He. I think he is wise is what I'm getting at. You know, there was no. There was no meat or desire for us to make him look smarter or wiser or anything parcel were funnier. You know what I mean? Parcells is just a great character and a great guy in a fun man to be around. And so he needed no help from us. Look wise and humorous. Before I get this stuff on the current. Dick out boys, Chris, that we can hopefully look back on in years and say out guy, we was, we were freaking out. We were over at. What without giving a question, not give away the film, what would you say are your top five Romo mow your your own personal ones? Four games, but just, you know, whatever, whatever, tickles, your fancy. See, I mean, obviously the Detroit playoff game, playoff winning Detroit at home and that whole drive, it's it's hard to argue with him going in and beaten up the eagles at home in the playoffs..

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