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Our four trends and are recommended readings. Thank you tim. Yes we have four trans as we always do. The two top trends had lots of articles that we flipped the two trends the numbers three and four fewer articles but still more than any others therefore they they form trends number three and four so trend number one. No surprise to anyone who's ever listened to any of our podcasts hardware and software. We flipped a lot of articles about hardware and software into our flipboard magazine. These past two weeks many of them had to do with microsoft in a variety of ways so for example microsoft is discontinuing windows ten november two thousand nineteen update s and so the well the update for windows so there and they've given people a plenty of warning about this but they're if anybody's using a windows operating system they need to update to the latest one sometime within the upcoming months Also in microsoft there was a microsoft edge bug report fairly serious one where edge wouldn't shut down when it was supposed to so. That's that's a good good thing to be aware of. We had articles about the global computer chip shortage which we had mentioned in an earlier. Episode But the and. I think anyone who's been paying attention to. The international news knows that computer chips are at a premium right now because they're used in so many different things and because the The need for or the the The requests for computing tools during the pandemic increased so significantly. This caused kind of up a shortage of computer chips. It's possible to produce them. They just hadn't planned to produce quite as many so. The the shortage won't last forever. It's just something to be aware of now. for apple users. Irs update the latest ios update for phones and ipads considered critical in terms of security. So all of our listeners. Who are using anything. That has an ios time to update if you haven't done so in the past week..

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