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He sits for the second consecutive game. Could this be a mini benching Allah What David Bell did do get Joey Votto going. But last season, Suarez has hit lefties well in his career. Not this season. In fact, he's just eight for 64 against left handers with 26 strikeouts, So he sits tonight for the second straight game. Alejo Lopez gets the start. The Reds lineup. India Winker Castano's Stevenson Vado Lopez Aquino farmer. And Castillo. By the way, the Reds are eight and six against left handers this year, so they're facing a lefty for only the 15th time. Starting pitchers. That's the fewest left handers faced In all of Major league Baseball this year, Houston has faced a lefty starter 35 Times. The Reds will be facing a lefty starter for just the 15th time tonight In one Ryan Weathers. Let's take a look at the scores brought to you. By Nick Schou PLUMBING Choose Pro Choose Knicks Go and buy Brand Standards Gang group with over 20 Years is your hometown roofing expert. Couple of finals, Seattle over Toronto, 72. Boston beat Kansas City 15 to 1. Jeff Hobson's Red Sox sweep the seven game home stand at Fenway. They go seven and Oh, final White Sox over the Twins. That is 85 that has now gone final Top eight. Texas leading Oakland seven to Nothing. The Angels and Yankees were postponed that was to be played this afternoon. The Phillies Marlins have been postponed tonight. By the way. The Yankees last night, gave up seven runs in the ninth and lost to the Angels. Aroldis Chapman walked the bases loaded, then gave up a grand slam to tie the game. And the Yankees went on to lose 11 8. The final score. All right, hang tight, much more to get to a lot of offense last night in Major league baseball. In fact, it's making people wonder just what the impact is of those foreign substances being eliminated. We'll get into that as we continue. The Yarnell carriers inside pitch for the Reds and Padres tonight. It's all ahead as we continue on 700 wlw. Your.

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