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Like they they've their numbers like don't tip at all. If anything to even better. It's a smaller sample size of course, but I think when you still have those Talent up front and you give cause like a, you know, an asset roll, we're just hanging on that blue line, you know getting shots from you know, the high slot which we scored in the last regular-season game, you know, he was replacing crude. They're against Philly on March 10th way back when and you know years ago. Yeah exactly. So I think he's still brings a value their wage Is of I think you can still roll out a really strong powerful even with a gal acrylic and again, it's opens the opportunity both for him and for McEvoy to get more minutes on the power play Faith, as you know, mcavoy's you're you know future of your blue line, you know, he does a little bit of everything. There's one thing he probably hasn't excelled in yet. It's probably, you know, running a power play and it's mostly because that top palpak so good. They don't really roll them out there. So I still think you're in pretty good shape special teams wise 5.5 I think is where we have to talk about rights a little bit more dicey in terms of just who you're going to replace that those twenty-plus suck kruga logs every night. Yeah to me and you said it best. There's not a huge drop off on the power plane. I don't think there will be when grzelcyk goes on to it. You could also you said put Mac for out there, but I feel like one thing we're going to see next year is gross looking McAvoy in roles that are more enhanced that helped them both a little bit more, you know with Chris Brown. With Krug on he would probably be the the next guy up to that first power play and you could always try McEvoy. So that's another option where McEvoy kind of gets us play enhanced. And also you bring back which charendoff says he wants to come back. I think I think that's the right move. I think just reassigning him to a one-year, you know, 1 million 1 and 1/2 million dollar deal is a no-brainer wage is no way the Bruins put him on the first pairing anymore. You should be a third parent defense and we'll get to that a little bit but then you also let McEvoy be with Grizzly most likely and that's a Duo that is great on the back. All the numbers have shown that so I think you're going to start see Dem next year's going to be a huge year for development for both of those guys you hope don't lose Chris like to Seattle. I think of crude goes you probably wouldn't put quiz like up for the Seattle draft. But all of that is stuff that we will get you in a little bit first corner. I know you want to talk about that us the great people about wage. U.s..

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