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Stay on things. Understand. Scoundrels? My British theory. Sorry about. Oh my gosh. Kept in touch with this friend, Don. Yes, she's on. She puts her entire life on Facebook. That's for sure. Guys, Oliver ups and downs. She has struggled with some addiction issues. Oh, she puts it all out there. And I'm happy for her. She's in recovery. It's so true. We don't stray too far away from. Younger self sounds like she was all over the place in this letter to on my gosh, we have breaking news. Oh, Steve Martin on the cover of raking. We have breaking Steve Martin news. Oh. Oh. The gun. Hunch. Of course of all the human beings on earth. Mytalk listener Phil found dynamite magazine from the seventies with Steve Martin on the cover. Dynamite was a teen magazine. Look at all cute there in the seventies. And eighties now to be clear, a wild and crazy guy to be clear. I did say the late eighties early nineties. I that's that was my beef is not might be. But that was what I was saying. I doubt he was on the cover back. You know? I think she was talking about the movie parenthood, which came later on of course. Yeah. Yes. Way way later. We watched that in school, isn't it? Watch parenthood. That's another Catholic school. Like, I know that at one point he somebody comes out into the dining room. They think it's a candle because the lights go out, and it's a vibrator that they have in their hand and turn on and go like candles. I mean, how does your passion nuns? We only had one son. And she wasn't you know, she was just inner little world where that habit. She didn't know she's the principal. She thought the movie parenthood. Well, it was a good movie. It was just nothing nothing scandalous and that. Yeah. I don't know if she didn't approve everything where they let us. Oh my gosh. My English teacher. Let us watch the life of Brian which is a Monty python movie. That's all about it's like a tongue in cheek movie about Jesus. Yes. He's I don't you. Let anybody know that. I don't tell your parents that. I let you watch this. He. Oh, I. Supporting. Like, I said we just had one. Misunderstood. I misunderstood. It is six forty three. When we come back some more hot topics. Alexis is gonna tell us about Conway Wests, Coachella consolation prize when we return Laurie and Julia now we have a few more details about lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner hanging out. We're not going to call them Ren gone. Yeah. See God, Japanese monster..

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