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Thirty minutes and the news at nine oh, one President Trump's. Attorney Rudy Giuliani telling CNN it is possible that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign. I have no idea if I have not I said, the president United States there is not a single bit of evidence. The president states committed the only crime you could you admit here conspired with the Russians to hack. The also Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen confirming a Wall Street Journal report that he paid the head of a small tech company thousands of dollars to rig online polls to benefit the Trump presidential campaign. Here's reporter MJ Lee reporting that in two thousand fifteen a man named John Gallagher. He runs a tech company went to Trump Tower to collect fifty thousand dollars for work that he did four Michael Cohen to try to rig online polls four then candidate Donald Trump who was running for price. So that he could have better poll numbers government shutdown continues. House speaker Nancy poli Nancy Pelosi wants Trump to delay. The state of the union address Republicans say she's playing a political game in west suburban Addison this morning police shot and wounded a person armed with a knife while responding to a domestic related incident in the two hundred block of mill road in Addison on the Union Pacific west line. This morning trains are not running west of Villa Park. This is after a person was struck and killed by a freight train in Lombard three Chicago cops will learn today. Whether a judge thinks they lied about. What went down the night that Liqun McDonald was killed. The officers will get the verdict today from judge Dominica Stevenson who has delayed her verdict several times, but she says she will deliver the verdict today. Jay Pritzker, the democratic governor of Illinois is going to sign a Bill today that would give the state more oversight over Illinois gun dealers. This Bill passed the legislature when Republican Bruce rounder was still the governor. But Democrats kept it off of rounders desk because they knew he would veto it WLS news time nine oh, three.

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