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Out go to berkeley a division of pure fishing and you'll find it there jeff rule joins us now jeff tell me what's going on in the world of freshwater fishing everybody's all hopped up on the salt water the offshore stuff after the passing of nato did it help are hurt fresh and basf vision and hurting any reports of pissed coker the good news is worried about some air down and bennett but a head herni report appeal and this kind of tuna get any a lot of reports from some of those areas to know that the pitcher still around think the good news is that could and have a little cu front bush put some water out but that's going to set up everything to be a really good week next week so how 'bout areas law that were fairly close to it in the easternmost bodies of water like the pearl river and buy your liberty some of those fresh areas over that way with the liberal you this week at look good the pearl's to have a fight route next week it's only going about that that's still good and had a lot of rain over that way and adopt pearl altering down through mississippi but but of reports or you can go round uh some of the drained when the north went on our waldman jet to go down to the lower in uh but person triumph instead move and moving around and you can actually catch him on qat worse been a break down in the mall also detectors a good though it uh now about your to ponca and some of those they're the most the mouth of the river school and fish no not big but she banana epsom poncho neither small offer or swim berry or something like that imitate the shared leave and the reverend ian kit from combat the mouth of the rivers jeff you know it's going to be interesting to find out what this storm surge effect head on bassfishing that popped up all around the chef air you know that has become around the.

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