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To other facilities to house them until things were cleaned and fixed and everything i. mean the entire prison was like one one wing in particular was completely. Burned out. There I mean not to mention that. They had to clean up everything and. The crime scene. Yeah, everything was a crime scene so because of the cost of keeping those prisoners in other states. because. That was skyrocketing. State legislators started. To bring them back to the state penitentiary only six months after the riots. That's interesting, so it was extremely expensive for New Mexico to have other states house are inmates. That's interesting. I mean you wouldn't think that other states would is do us a solid in like. Give art prisoners in state tuition basically. Yeah I don't know how it works, but I think the other part of the cost was the cost of fixing the prison, so there's with those were also putting pressure on the legislators. Legislators were like. Let's just get some duct tape and figure just put him back in there. They'll be fine superglue. Don't worry about it. My cousin will fix it. He told me after you give them. A twelve pack knows a guy. Just give them a twelve pack I'll be fine. So this happened. Even though the prison really wasn't ready to be reopened I mean six months isn't a long time. So as you can imagine this more problems and more challenges for the inmates in the state, and I'm sure it did nothing to fix the morale issue or any of the issues that actually started the right in the first place, so we have a really long history of kind of cutting corners in the state. Yeah, yeah, so over the years between the story until you and the prison riot there were at least six killings of inmates and guards in the months following their return to the state penitentiary. Moses, yeah, and many of the killings were related to the riot, as inmates were fearful that they would be snitched on for killing their fellow inmates, so they did the only logical thing they could think of. Kill people to stop them from testifying against. That I mean, it makes sense because there were prosecutions that we're going to follow the riot, so they're like. I know what I'll do. I'll just start killing people totally rational. The pattern of death and violence continued for years following the riot, and there was a ton of fear in the prisons that in New Mexico. The tensions boil over again and this carried over into the late eighties, while the state did not have another riot like the one in nineteen eighty, the tensions and the fear continued to fester so now let's fast forward to Nineteen eighty-six. My friend. Governor, Tony Tonia. That's Tony with a e and why Tony Tony Tony. He decided he was going to commute. The death sentence a five convicted murderers who were on death row. The former governor was quoted as saying my personal beliefs do not allow me to permit the execution of an individual in the name of the state for me to simply walk away now we'll make me as much an accomplice as others who would participate in the execution. He did this just weeks before his hand off of the governorship to Gary Carruthers. And this would lead to one of the worst prison breaks in Mexico, so he's commuting the death sentences of these inmates before he leaves because he has moral objections to the death penalty, which makes sense. But that particular, those commute that commuting of those senses. What's potentially leading up to this prison?.

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