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And if you want to get it for a gift just go to my Twitter feed or Facebook actually, haven't put up on my Facebook yet. I will. But it's on Amazon, and it's the number one bestseller in that category already. But check it out. So. Kosta? Trump says is a grand standard bad for the country. But and you know, he said, I don't know. I don't know if we're going to. To win the lawsuit or knowledge, she's being honest about it. I I don't know either. And I. I don't care. I hope they do. And I love what. The great one, Mark Levin. Who's on before me, of course from five to eight on WBZ AP lebane-. Millennium. I meant. Donny. I'm not claiming to have a good impersonation of the great one. But that is my impersonations for what it's worth. Enjoyed doing that. The liberty amendments. Sorry. Okay. But I heard him say some stuff he's a he's a he's a lawyer and former Reagan administration official, but so he's got some knowledge that I don't have. I'm not a juris doctor. But I am on the radio. Right. I mean that that counts for a lot. But if you things. Number one. What he said some I haven't seen anywhere an executive producer? Chris. I wonder if you've seen this apparently CNN it's called a hard pass. Which is what you have to get in there. Right. Apparently CNN CNN has fifty fifty. Beyond the cost. So I guess they will be fifty one if they put them back on their how can you possibly say that you're stifling the first amendment when this fifty other reporters and producers that can go onto the to the White House briefing from that network? How can you possibly say? You're stifling the freedom of the press. How can you possibly stifle? See you're stifling, the freedom speech when when you look at the picture of a Kosta frozen. You can see the hand. And I won't say it was a karate chop. I won't say that he although battery and or salt, depending on the jurisdiction you live in a state. You're in is any unwanted touching. Okay. Which could be spitting and could be poking, and I will admit that he did commit battery to get very technical on you. But the way he treated that intern with not letting it go and putting his hand up and and. Stopping her was wrong. And he did get disruptive. And it's funny because I saw Sam Donaldson on earlier tonight. And boy, I learned one thing he is old. I didn't hear him talk. But he's old. God bless Sam Donaldson. He's alive. I I don't know anybody who you know, any of these people that we saw growing up whether I like them or not politically, I don't care. God bless them in for being live with those crazy looking eyebrows. Right. Checkmark eyebrows. Upside down check marks or something whatever they are. Think those are the same eyebrows. A lot of women's sport. Now. I don't know what's wrong with these women and these stupid eyebrows. But. And I'm sure he's you know, he's the one who wrote a book called hold on Mr President. And I guess he was pretty aggressive like that. And that's fine. But. I think I think a Kosta was gadfly gadfly ish enough. But I think more than a gadfly. I think he crossed enough of a line that it was fair to say you're done get out of here. I think and again, I would be concerned if he said CNN is no longer allowed to come here. I that would be wrong. And I'm supposed to be upset that all these news, including Fox News. I'm supposed to be all upset Fox News their corporate headquarters and their their head. Folks said Fox News filed an amicus bureau brief as well front of the court brief they said they said, quote, we support CNN we intend to file an amicus brief or meekest depending on how you want to pronounce it with the US district court secret service passes for working White House. Journalists should never be weaponized. There's Fox News for you. You don't have noticed Shep Shepard. Smith who I have some pretty decent respect for still. But I know he's kinda got it out for a lot of Trump stuff. You know, I I noticed people like shop and some of things where they're more a little bit. Say leftist, but you know, anti-trump, I don't care. I respect Fox News. I like them for the most part overall. But I I think they're totally wrong, and they can do whatever they want. And I do understand the next president could be another Barack Hussein Obama. And then in fact, say your band for Fox News News's band, and I would have a big problem with that one. Reporter. I think it's great sport for us all to disagree or agree on and to say, you know, I mean, he did something at the very least he did something that was. He did something that everybody could agree was a little bit more than normally done. He held onto that microphone with that young lady. And that was wrong. So screw it. I have no problem. I think this is great. I think it's great trauma. And I think I think that Trump has a case, I know there's a lot of people, including judge Napolitano from Fox News who thinks that he doesn't have a case. But as the right one said, how was it first amendment? When you have fifty other people at CNN that can go into their that have hard pass. I it's not it's not a freedom of speech. It's not a freedom of the press issue. It is not to me. I love that a Kosta flew to Paris trying to cover Trump. And they've denied I love that so much. I'll never Mr. Kosta goes to Paris. I don't know. I I've been dying to know. Did he file a report anyways? I he had to file a victim reports saying I'm here, but they won't let me in. You know, it just it's a tough day in America for us. And you what I'm sure he did one right executive prest check check. And if he did we gotta play the audio of him wining. It'll be great. I love that AP Bloomberg first look media Gannett a National Press Club. NBC news, New York Times, politico press, freedom defence fund, e w scripts USA today Washington Post, and of course, as I mentioned, Fox News. They're all jumping in on the suit. I I don't care. I still think it's great even if he loses on I'm good with this totally good with this. Yeah. Trump says is it freedom of the press when somebody comes in and starts screaming questions and won't sit down by the way. Who is there? Anyone else? That has been so combative that you can think of. They talk about how Trump a directly looked at a cost and call them fake news during his first press conference. I love that after winning the two thousand sixteen election. I love that you remember he's giving him two years of back and forth. This wasn't. So if you put it in the first week or two that would be scary. You know, unless it was some crazy. I understand. Oh, he got into combative arguments with other members of the administration press secretary, Sarah Sanders. Sean Spicer, Mick Mulvaney. Stephen Miller, so has anybody else gotten into it that much? With that many people like this, and again, you can do that. But when you won't let the Mike Bill, I think, it was awesome. I think it's good. And you could say that he you know, he's airing on the side of caution. That's fine with me too. I don't care. Why we did not want Amazon H Q to to come to Dallas or.

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