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Robert, Tom Wheelwright, Dr Judy Shelton discussed on Rich Dad Radio Show


Screwed up about money than you're justice screwed up as they are so that's why we archive at ed rich dead radiocom and have your friends listen to it and you'll hear some very wacky ideas about what money hits and once again you can listen to this rich dead radio program on i tuned or and joy on your time and your squat schedule and you can submit your questions to ask robert at rich dead radiocom once again thank you dr judy shelton and tom wheelwright has agreed to stay on so muscle was the first question our first questions a day comes from billy in lincoln nebraska favorite book ritz dad poured at says the trump tax revision if passed will go against a lot of your teachings on taxes for example adding fifteen percent selfemployment tax what's your perspective on his proposed del okay the reason i chose that i thank him for that question because this is what i'm talking about i don't even know what my for my thing is on taxes because i'm not a tax expert and most of you are getting tax advice from idiots and the purpose of having the rich debt radio program is you've got lesson to people who are credible who'll real why are in the fray you see this next book on coming out with his call fake and the reason most of us are in financial trouble is because we listen to fake teachers and what i have been spent my life doing is looking for real teachers and that's why we have tom wheelwright on this program because if i was talking to dr duty shelton about taxes i'd be blowing smoke and so the lesson for all of you who say i said this bear listen clean your ears out because i don't talk about taxes unless i talk about it through tom any combat yeah it's a really good point that billy brings up because okay so we had we have tom on the program he has a point of view he's telling.

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Robert, Tom Wheelwright, Dr Judy Shelton discussed on Rich Dad Radio Show

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