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It won't get five five seven five shots number one for hip hop and I'm being on the line of Day. We're going to talk a little. Mba My man. He has the inside scoop if you will on all things. Nba My man Brandon Scoop Beam. Jackson what's up Bro? Working my tail off are you man. I know you're out to secure in the bag. Some nice bags by the way too. I follow me on instagram yet. Guilty as charged I man. Let's talk about this Kobe. Nineteen pandemic and how it's affecting the NBA and the NBA is even still taking about getting them. Play outside because that's a lot of money man a lot of money. I'll tell you that what I have heard through the grapevine as that they are considering darting anywhere between June and August. And would they do resume as it'd be about six eight-game remaining schedule on the docket and then from there they'll start a playoff? I scoop of acts of course is so when the playoffs start going to change the format of the playoffs to shorten them like go back to like. They used to back in the old days. Best three out of five first round and you would change it or where they keep it as is hear that it would be back into active gang series. You know the way that I'm hearing it if the first of three games to win so I guess you're right. That's three out of five now. How does this affect? Some teams? Like the Lakers. Were on a roll are they. Were healthy. They were doing their thing. And then some teams and I was talking to a Stephen Jackson about this. Some teams were in the process of building. Their chemistry liked in Los Angeles Clippers. Everybody would gather. How's this affected some changes and also. How does this affect the REX? You talk about. Chemistry took the clippers. Kawhi Leonard Paul George that thing into a fake where you know. They had chemistry from LANC- than they are half that load managed to make baseball players. That until record one thing I did want to ask you If they do start these playoffs so late as we get into the summer. How is that affecting preparing for the next season beginning for the next season? We know what's interesting our or Christmas days. You Remember Derek. Worlds and his relics staple center against the Kobe. Bryant and the Lakers back then. I think that it's going to be interesting to see how the following sets up particularly. Because you wonder if there's GonNa be football because football's outside you know so you look at the logistics the NBA. Kinda is in a precarious situation. Where I think honestly this computer setup for the next couple years as their Internet will be the number one sport in the country. In my opinion football had a chance of that now for basketball to shop a lot of watch that for so Howard decides six survived the other player's GonNa be with their wives. Well I'll tell you this. The players got their checks on April. First and then it's going to be questionable weather dot the fifteenth out of. They'll be able to get him more. Check onto your questions. Regular people are getting paid like that and the NBA players. Checks are limited now so now we are sidekicks affected the Strip club. Everybody's affect me. Let the people know what can see you see anything you write a.

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