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One win frederic good rose score with the predators ahead this thing we still trail pittsburgh you the best of seven two games to one game for coming up monday night in the music city were reports every twenty minutes mike the can wfan 2020 sports stocks ars twentythree exactly tony vase it advantage when i when i am yankees with a homer barrage and good pitching in who better talk about in britain courtesy of nj advanced be joined us right now hey brennan now i i'm doing well crony thank you so much for having me on absolute let me ask before we talk about the home runs i was so impressed with jordan montgomery kind of reminded me of a big jimmy key yeah um you're in it coins it is commoner in phnom dirtiest state of the strike norm are at jimmy key is not on is not too big of a stretched uh today joe girardi during his post game meeting with reporters as he have brought up andy pettitte again i i'm not sure how after the comparison that it but you know i call matthey days in his own fight i joe made the crack that if anyone you want that montgomery went the turnout at fifteen season like uh andy pettitte by all means that i i think the yankees take that let me ask you it seem like the yankee the the pecking order of this starting five changes as tell me if this makes says right now right now severino's a number one sees it to my gumy's at three pineda's afford four tanaka the five that that about close um if you're talking in terms of performance if you're talking in terms of what they've given the yankees um yeah i would argue that tanaka is still by far the number one he is the one with the most recent impressive season long success he's the one with the best stuff he's the one who's been in need pressure spot the yankees have used them in that wildcard game.

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