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Search for ship dating in the APP store and start swiping today. We are very excited about this the lady gay okay. We're back well. No first of all. I had it how you broke. Her foot is my idea for this quickey. Do you WanNa know honestly the world wants to know even though I'm sure you've already told instagram. I didn't tell anyone I saved it for the podcast saving this content for the podcasts which is this all right. Thank God so I was wearing a beautiful wide leg pad Jammeh said well designed by the Lady Gang Yep and a Lubaton he'll low babe hi low hi low I had just appeared on the morning toast in New York and was rushing to get to et to do shoot and there was traffic in New York in a taxi morning toast films in Brooklyn. didn't know that island say to you. It's not in Manhattan Queens Queens so city right so I was rushing rushing rushing. We we get to fifty eighth street. Columbus Circle and the traffic is dead like we are not moving and I was like I'm late for a live television show. I've got to go so I got out of the car and and I decided I will just walk these four blocks right to the studio which is on fifty third or whatever and I'm walking. I'm walking and then in New York. You know who you don't you you kind of Jaywalking. You're only tourists like wait for the cross signal yeah so I look both ways and like nothing's coming accepted truck like a block away. I'm good and I'm like Peter Peter pitcher batter pitcher pedder across the street texting. I was holding my phone looking at late at the time holding my tote bag and just like kind of crunched picture and the Lubaton he'll caught in that peaceful wad like Oh knows the Pan Dancer down and crunched on my foot so did you roll roll. Your ankle is like I fell and I caught myself on my left knee and my right foot brace the fall so with but the the kicker is that I had in New York sneaker in my tote bag that's good I could have changed into that sneaker in the cab and been like let me walk safely in New York City but instead I was like Lubaton and then got up and I was so embarrassed I was like are you okay yeah. I'm fine a cook and I couldn't walk and I like hobbled like back back to the studio and I got there and I was like do you have any use to the producers and the ice my twisted my ankle and like my friend Randy's like helping helping me get into the seat to do the live show and I'm like God I had such a bad fall. I'm still like I think I've just twist my ankle dancer blood. You're like I'm fine. Shake it off. Shake it off right. So then that night I finish work. I could cook a back to the hotel which is like another five blocks. You walked five blocks. Yes and I'm like the foot really her change into the this. I got out of there I got out of the elevator back was staying with me. She's like Oh man. I hurt my flinch that can and get you anything. No No. I'm good so they go on their way and Chris is also in the hotel because he's leaving and I get to the hotel and I can get some ice and I'm sitting here with ice on my foot and immediately Chris starts talking about one of his clients like he like puts ice on my foot. He's not like how are you. Let's take a look. Do what you think it's broken. Let me love on you. Like what a hard day. Oh baby was hurt yourself. He was just like a good good good good good good work and then I blew up at him. Then Christine and I had our second fight ever and I was like I looked at him. I said you know what I'm GonNa. They need a minute to decompress right now and then I slowly body rolled into flat on the floor of the hotel with the ice on my back looking at the ceiling and he just sat on his phone on silently for like fifteen minutes. I'm sorry that was really cold and I was like I just need you to love me anyway. So then those are fight it was pretty boring. So then I went to sleep the next morning I get up really early shocker and becca still sleeping in the bed beside me. We're cuddling and I go to bathroom. AKAKA OKOCHA and I'm like my foot's broken like there's no way this not getting better or worse so I texted my makeup partisan. Can you give me some crutches so then I did the whole day in just a crutch self diagnose broken I flew to Toronto. The foot is like this big and purple didn't help that you're on a plane no and then I got to Toronto and connive a wheelchair and they're like it's an hour and a half wait don't have time for this so I- crutched myself through the entire Pearson airport. My armpits are bleeding. I went to the doctor and they were like okay. Let's get an X ray. It'll be the results of be back in three days. So then I had to bribe the extra addition. I was look told me if it's broken it's actually what x Ray technician Russia and by the way this is where the story gets so good. I know you guys are bored but this is a crazy long story sorry but listen. I want to know if this is weird. Okay okay. This is has to do with you. Jack Okay X ray technician was hot was wearing open toed sandals. Oh isn't that medically. I feel appropriate hospital with an open I think yeah I feel like that's illegal or not. Illegal beautiful like he didn't have gross foot. You know they should definitely Canada. Canada stearns can be like they go out and like the freezing cold Blah yeah no but I sure they're carrying around like medical equipment and scissors off jeff body scissors and he says there's like a scissor to cut like muscle which are shorter no. He wasn't cutting my muscles. He was the extra technician but I'm saying they should wear clothes and shoes because people are carrying around Blazers Paul's body scissors summer body. There has to be a buddies. This is like a razor or nips nip a scissor to cut skin to get. I don't use a scissor tonight. They probably have scissors as well. Can someone telling you right now. Go Google at bodies. He's five million dollars than body leaders of it yeah bodies. He's trauma shears bodies as our trauma trump from anywhere that that should be eating for a band open toed shoes anyway I was like Yo can you and he was so weird and then he was like so with my foot and Mike it's broken. Don't move it like that anyway. We was uh-huh your foot's broken. His foot is broken. I was like okay so then I drove myself in a taxi to the medical supply plays yes and I got a boot and then I didn't go to the actual well Dr until I was home in California on Righty so is it. It's more than a hairline fracture. It's like a broken bone. It's a broken bone. Do you WANNA see it's chip. I want to see it. You can't see it this podcast. There's like a piece of my metatarsal. That's just like a little half moon in it's gone. It's gone was low terror. She the what is it the terror shears terror shears TRAUMAS drage years. Someone trauma sheared off anyway. That's how I broke my foot. Thank you for coming coming to my tedtalk. Well that was that was a roller coaster of emotions. You really was all right well. That's the end of this quickey. I'm glad it was great. I could have done this myself. Sorry for making guys come in. You should start to quickies. I you could probably talk for twenty five hundred thousand present I would last ten seconds. That'd be like okay so then hours later. Would you guys like to see me do a solo show. Please please swipe up on my instagram is still think you should do a limited k. Type Series Limited serious. I think it'd be great ever another job now my job's way. I'm looking at new you tell me I could add more jobs because I'm so chill so people don't WanNa add new jobs. Chill People WanNA chill I mean I still don't WanNa ch- okay anyway anyway all right well by this was fun. We're not here for a long time. We're time thanks for listening and make sure to rate and review this podcast cast. Wherever you go your podcast we have new episodes of lady gang every Tuesday and Thursday follow us on social media at the Lady Gang follow US personally at Kelty and most importantly at Becca and at Jack Panic and we will see next Tuesday if you love this podcast which you do right? I need you to love it. I need that in my life but anyway if you love us you'll probably love another show on the late again network. We have four right now. We have the stacks podcast which is our book club and official book podcast. We have ladies like us our newest show with Nazanin and Nadia and they are so funny and they're talking about real things and I just love them showman's with Kevin and Jenna. It's a huge hit. You guys are loving it. They're so funny they bring in best friends and very soon jack and I are going to be on that show too and then Momma said Ed Jamie Lynn Sigler Jenner Paris are there and they're talking the Shitty Gritty Nitty Gritty of motherhood check out all.

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