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It doesn't really realize he's gay, but he's clearly a gay teacher and he's married and he's gonna marry Joan cusak. Who by the way was nominated for Academy Award for that performance and deserved it. Because she brilliantly funny in it. No, no mustache. That's right. I'm Selleck mustache, and I would like to make the story up. And I'm gonna believe it that it was because we'll Brembos also in that movie as parents. That's right. You don't want to compete. Cut king. Hold on a second. Dan, you want to feel real you've see John carpenter's the thing. Okay. Wilford brindley. Yeah. No mustache, and that's still weird. And I've seen the thing four million times. And every time it's like, I can't believe that's Wilford Brindley. Hey, can you see if you can find I know it's out there? It's on YouTube. From my old, my favorite show, ever, Craig Ferguson, and and Jeff talking about Wilford Brindley. Because it's it's hilarious. It's of course, it's hilarious because it was on the Craig Ferguson show. And Josh Robert Thompson doing voice of. Of jeffrey. Jeffrey Peterson the gay robot sidekick, but anyway, they talk about this encounter with they talk about Wilford Brindley. It is absolutely hilarious. And I think the clip is out there somewhere if we can play that that would be for all of his appearances they're coming on. So let me say because you know, it's Wilfred Brindley, right? You're you're thinking of the one where at the grocery store, right? Yeah. We sees him at the salad bar. What are the other searches would be? Maybe Jeff the robot Wilford Brindley, if you put Jeff the robot in there that might that might change it because of course, every of course, everything that was going to pop up would be. Here we go to really great story. I was in the grocery store. I saw at the salad bar grimly. Good. Himself the salads. I thought doesn't have diabetes. Yell. Let you. I want you to pick up the phone right now. I wanted to go over and say good for you for your debt salad because you've got. Staring at me. Photograph. Bradley. Jason man, I'm trying to eat a salad. Jammed. Anyway, look good, diabetes salads the way to go. Thanks. We'll keep you. Oh, man..

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